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Ditai Own The Vacuum Forming Process Patent In China

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Some Of Our Patents And Certification

A method of vacuum forming (ZL200710075483.1)
A kind of thermoplastic forming machine (CN201720237727.0)
A kind of hole punching machine (CN201720237725.1)
ditaiplastic vacuum forming
An electric vehicle rear bumper (CN217294450U)
A perforating machine for vacuumformed output (CN201920497765.9)

Dongguan Ditai Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a modern production enterprise specializing in the research and development, design, manufacture, sales, and technical services of large plastic products. Passed ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and IATF 16949 certifications, providing customers with comprehensive, professional, and guaranteed vacuum forming processing solutions. In addition, we have always maintained an enthusiasm for researching new technologies and methods, which makes our manufacturing costs lower and more efficient. In the past few years, we have passed the audits of LV, Guerlain, Wistron, KTC, Hisense, etc. We also won the honor plaque for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China through the cartridge boxes we made, which also have nearly 40 patents.

Our engineers’ director has more than 20 years of experience in the industry and we are able to design, develop, and produce all elements in-house; from design and tooling/molding to forming and CNC cutting. We are even able to carry out complex assembly of the final product for you.

We are particularly proud of our large volume machines, we have the largest vacuum forming machine in Guangdong! That being said, no project is too small, and we will happily speak with you about how we can help you with your project requirements.

Our main production equipment: 16 vacuum forming machines, 28 sets of CNC cutting machines, 15 sets of 5-axis CNC, 2 sets of CNC molding machines, 2 extrusion plastic sheet lines, 4 painting production lines, acrylic laser cutting machines, blow molding machines, laser engraving machine, and some machine for a test like vertical combustion machine, etc.

Services In DitaiPlastic: Help You To Know Thick Gauge Vacuum Forming Well

Extrusion Plastic Sheets

Plastic sheets are the raw materials for the thick gauge vacuum forming process. Unlike the injection molding or rotational molding processes, which directly use particles to make products, before vacuum forming, we need to use the extrusion plastic machine to stir and melt the particles before extruding them into sheets. We can customize materials with different colors, sizes, textures, and properties according to different product needs. Properties such as flame retardant, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, high-impact, etc.; Textures such as smooth glossy surfaces, frosted textures, electronic textures, diamond textures, leather textures, hair-cell textures, fabric textures, etc. We have two sheet extruders, and all the raw materials come from Sinopec or Chimei. The advantage of this is that we can control the quality of the sheet from the beginning and can respond quickly to customize the required materials, or we can also make plastic laminated sheets to save overall costs. We believe that only high-quality materials can produce high-quality products.

Vacuum Forming Mold Production

When we receive your inquiry, firstly, we will need to know the application of the product, then we can suggest the material of mold which can be casting or block aluminum. Usually, casting aluminum can be cheaper, and it is used for solid-color products, which won’t see the dust and vacuum holes on the product’s surface. Block aluminum mold will do mirror polish, make the mold’s surface shiny and smooth, then it hard to attach the dust, so usually transparent products will need block aluminum molds, these two kinds of molds won’t make dimensions and shapes different, just suitable for different materials. We also provide texture acid-etched mold if needed. Secondly, our mold engineers will convert the 3D drawing into mold drawing based on the material shrinkage, and use the right type of aluminum material for mold engraving, after engraving, we will drill air holes and polish the mold surface to avoid negative impacts on the product surface. To make a perfect plastic product, one of the necessary conditions is having a perfect mold. We have our own CNC mold machines, and can control the mold from quality, and cost to making time well at the first step. Molds are generally very durable, in fact, had tooling run for more than 10 years. And you are free to worry about the molds being broken, if anything bad happens to them, we will remake one for free.

Thick Gauge Vacuum Forming & Thermoforming

Vacuum forming or Thermoforming is a molding method for plastic products. It is cheaper and faster than the injection molding process. It usually only takes about 10 days to produce a sample, and the price of a vacuum forming mold is about 10% of that of an injection mold. The Vacuum forming process is not only suitable for products with large sizes and low minimum order quantities. It is also suitable for projects with many series, or fast iterations. Compared with injection molding, when the product requires mold modifications, there are also great advantages. We have 16 vacuum forming machines, including one fully automatic plastic vacuum forming machine with a maximum molding size of 4000*2000*1000mm. This is currently the largest vacuum forming machine in Guangdong and was designed by Mr. Zou Dehong, the general manager of DitaiPlastic. He has more than 30 years of experience in the plastic field. During the vacuum forming, we have a professional mold temperature gun, which has the most suitable mold temperature for different materials according to the different shrinkage. We will also adjust the sheet heating temperature to the most appropriate state based on experience. For some molding details, we will also add top-press mold or use the bulge technology base to assist with stretching. After vacuum forming, we will let the product cool for enough time to avoid product deformation and ensure a perfect plastic product.

CNC Cutting

CNC cutting is a necessary process for thermoforming products, it needs cutting the side material and drilling holes for the plastic process to get the designed shape. DitaiPlastic has 28 sets of CNC cutting machines, which have one of the largest numbers of CNCs in the vacuum forming field in China. In the beginning, our engineers will convert 3D drawings into drawings suitable for CNC cutting, and then they will make the corresponding mold according to the shape of the product. How do we maintain accurate cutting: First of all, our CNC machines are 5-axis robot hands, which can process 360 degrees in all directions and are fast. And will make a wooden or fiberglass jig/fixture with small air holes according to the shape of the products. Then insert the magnets into the jig, the other side of the magnet will be placed on the product surface to make it match the jig tightly, the small vacuum holes on the wooden jigs will pump out the air between the product and mold so there is a vacuum state between product and jig. These two steps to make our products fit perfectly with the jig then we get a perfect cut product.

Vacuum Forming Prototyping

Vacuum forming prototyping is an advanced integrated technology that combines vacuum forming with injection molding, rotational molding, 3D printing, machining, and hardware processes. In the current market, especially in fields like new energy, artificial intelligence, and medical aesthetics product updates and iterations are rapid, it plays a pivotal role. This method effectively realizes complex product shapes at a reduced production cost, ensuring the finished products have excellent stability and precision. In early 2010, DitaiPlastic established the vacuum forming prototyping department. The engineering team breaks down the components, specifying which particular type of process is used for each component. By integrating vacuum forming techniques with various parts and employing multiple unique bonding methods, followed by two polishing processes, and finalized with professional painting, the complete set of products appears as a single component. This results in a product that is aesthetically pleasing, durable, stable, and of high quality, exceeding customer expectations.

Quality Control

DitaiPlastic is committed to continuous optimization and refinement of its departmental structure. Currently, the company boasts various departments such as Engineering, Molding Making, Sheet Production, Vacuum Forming, CNC Cutting, Post-Processing, Prototyping, Painting, Warehouse Management, and Quality Control. The Quality Control department plays a crucial role throughout the product manufacturing process. For every key production stage, the Quality Control department is equipped with corresponding inspection methods. For instance, products from the Sheet Production department undergo tests for performance, thickness, and color, using specialized equipment, calipers, and colorimeters. For vacuum forming products, thickness and surface quality are assessed using ultrasonic thickness gauges and gloss meters. Beyond overseeing inspections for each production step, the Quality Control department also compiles and provides detailed inspection reports based on specific customer requirements. To ensure product quality, the inspection process typically includes initial checks, random sampling, and routine inspections. This ensures that every product leaving the DitaiPlastic factory meets the customer’s expectations and standards. Furthermore, DitaiPlastic places emphasis on staff training and skill enhancement to adapt to the rapidly changing market and the ever-growing demands of customer.


We can complete all post-processing of plastic products in-house, such as deburring after CNC, grinding, gluing, polishing, painting, silk-screen painting, electroplating, packaging, etc. DitaiPlastic has a dedicated post-processing department and three spray painting production lines, which can meet Customer’s requirements for products. For instance, we provide a variety of paints, the most commonly used of which is PU paint. This paint is mostly used in automotive products. It is not easy to fade and has certain anti-UV properties. In addition, there are other paint types: skin-like paint, matte paint, anti-reflective paint, impact-resistance paint, etc. There are also a variety of packaging options available, including cartoon packaging, wooden box packaging, pearl cotton packaging, etc. After all these processes, the plastic will no longer be a simple or single-piece product, it can be a complete car cover, a robot, or even a real airplane, so if you have a complex project, please feel free to contact us get in touch and we’ll make sure you find a plastics expert.

Factory introduction video, dedicated to those of you who cannot be here in person :)

Steps to Work With US


3D Drawing Design or Sample Provide
Prefer STP or IGS drawings. We can help do the design if you wish.


Provide Suggestion And Quotation
All our sales are well trained and professional, Through working together, your project will be perfect.


Mold Making
We have two mold making machine, the engineer has over 20 years in vacuum forming technology.


Extrusion Sheets
To ensure the product's quality at the beginning, Ditai build own raw material factory.


Vacuum Forming
Ditai own the vacuum forming patent in China, all vacuum forming machines are made by our CEO.


CNC Process
Ditai now has 16 sets 5 anxis CNC machines. Provide you quick working time on it.


Bonding And Polish
Alternative service , we have well trained workers in this part.


Painting/Silk Screen
Alternative service, we have our own workshop for these treatment.


Assembly/Quality Check
Before shipping, we will test all the products to enusre the quality is approved. Assembly service is also affordable here.


Package And Shipping
You will receive one stop service in here, Arrange package and shipping are no problem for us.

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Definition Of A Vacuum Forming

Vacuum (Vacuum Forming) commonly known as blister, is a kind of plastic processing, the main principle is to spread after the softening of hard plastic sheeting heating

Thick Sheet Thermoforming Applications In Passenger Cars

With the development of transport networks, growing demand for passenger cars, and passenger car safety, comfort requirements is also rising.

Application of ABS Plastic Materials

Used in electric cars include panels for cars, body shell Panel, instrument panel, decorative plates, inside doors, and many plastic parts.

Thermoforming General Information

Sheet clamp to the frame heat to soften, external force, making it close to the mould surface, similar to to get connected with the surface shape.

Features Of Vacuum Forming and thermforming

Main advantages of vacuum forming is, save mold and prototype time, quick delivery, shory development cycle,and low development cost.

what kind material we can use for thermoforming or vacuum forming process ?

1. ABS :The most used material, Lightweight, Good impact strength, Poor solvent resistance Hard, rigid, very good impact strength & weather resistance.

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