Ditai Own The Vacuum Forming Process Patent In China

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DITAI has ISO 9001, ISO45001, ISO14001 certification, and own the vacuum forming invention patent, In last few years, we passed the audit of LV, Guerlain, Wistron, KTC, Hisense, and so on, we also got an honor plaque from the anniversary of China 70th through the cartridge boxes we made.

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We have two mold making machine, the engineer has over 20 years in vacuum forming technology.


Extrusion Sheets
To ensure the product's quality at the beginning, Ditai build own raw material factory.


Vacuum Forming
Ditai own the vacuum forming patent in China, all vacuum forming machines are made by our CEO.


CNC Process
Ditai now has 7 sets 5 anxis CNC machines. Provide you quick working time on it.


Bonding And Polish
Alternative service , we have well trained workers in this part.


Painting/Silk Screen
Alternative service, we have our own workshop for these treatment.


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Definition Of A Vacuum Forming

Vacuum (Vacuum Forming) commonly known as blister, is a kind of plastic processing, the main principle is to spread after the softening of hard plastic sheeting heating

Thick Sheet Thermoforming Applications In Passenger Cars

With the development of transport networks, growing demand for passenger cars, and passenger car safety, comfort requirements is also rising.

Application of ABS Plastic Materials

Used in electric cars include panels for cars, body shell Panel, instrument panel, decorative plates, inside doors, and many plastic parts.

Thermoforming General Information

Sheet clamp to the frame heat to soften, external force, making it close to the mould surface, similar to to get connected with the surface shape.

Features Of Vacuum Forming and thermforming

The main advantages of vacuum forming is, save mold and prototype time, quick delivery, shory development cycle,and low development cost.

what kind material we can use for thermoforming or vacuum forming process ?

1. ABS :The most used material, Lightweight, Good impact strength, Poor solvent resistance Hard, rigid, very good impact strength & weather resistance.

Application of vacuum forming plastic tray

Many kinds of plastic trays, plastic tray, also called a plastic liner, using molded plastic hard plastic made from a particular Groove, products will be placed in the Groove, play a role in protection and beautification products.

What is a double sheet thermoforming process?

Two sheets laminated together, blowing in the Middle, we can produce large hollow parts.

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