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Ditai Plastic Vacuum Forming About Us


Welcome to DitaiPlastic Vacuum Forming, your one-stop solution for bespoke vacuum-formed plastic products. As a leading plastic manufacturer, we have specialized in vacuum forming OEM products and custom parts for over three decades. Our in-house team of engineers leverages this experience to manage every aspect of production, from design and mold creating to forming, CNC custting, and even comolex assembly tasks.

This integrated approach not only ensures stringent quality control but also streamlines the process form concept to delivery, providing you with a more efficient and reliable services. As your single point of contact for all manufacturing needs, we simplify you supply chain and amplify the value you get from us.

Our facility in Guangdong houses the region’s largest vacuum forming machine, a testament to our commitment to innovation and scalability. Howerve, we don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fit-all’ approach; whether your project is big or small, we’re here to discuss how we can meet your specific requirements.

Over the last 13 years, we’ve invested several million dollars in cutting-edge equipment for our 12,000-square-meter production facility. This investment empowers us to deliver high-quality custom parts more efficiently and cost-effectively than our competitors.

Our mission is straiggtforward: to offer fast prototyping, punctual delivery, competitive pricing, and unwavering quality. Our state-of-the-art equipment and extensive experience position us uniquely to fulfill this promise.


Our team

ditaiplastic vacuum forming

Amy Zou

General Manager

Founder of Ditai. With over a decade of experience in the plastic industry, specializing in vacuum forming. In 2019,  undertook the global window display project for the famous brand Louis Vuitton, maintaining friendly cooperative relationships with other brands such as Guerlain and Hennessy. Business involves multiple countries overseas.


Sales Manager

Founder of Ditai, senior structural engineer, senior mold engineer. Specialized in the plastics field for 15 years, proficient in various plastic molding processes, and product programmer, involved in the design and modeling of various automotive, and vehicle parts, shells, and covers. Tony is the leader of several major projects.

ditaiplastic vacuum forming



Founder of Ditai. The chief engineer of the company engaged in the thick sheet vacuum forming area for 30 years, designed and created our company’s first thermoforming machine, also one of the leading structural engineers and technical engineers for the product’s feasibility assessment.

ditaiplastic vacuum forming


Factory Manager: responsible for production, engaged in the thick sheet vacuum forming for 10 years, responsible for the company’s main production operations, schedule production for orders, quality issues, suggestions of design feasibility, and so on.

ditaiplastic vacuum forming


Financial Manager: With over 15 years of experience in corporate finance, responsible for overseeing the company’s financial operations. Her duties include budgeting, financial planning, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations. Play a crucial role in maintaining financial stability and supporting the company’s long-term growth objectives.

ditaiplastic vacuum forming


Purchasing Manager: With over 15 years of experience in supply chain and procurement, responsible for overseeing the company’s purchasing operations. Her duties include sourcing materials, negotiating with suppliers, and ensuring timely delivery of goods. Play a crucial role in maintaining cost-efficiency and supporting the company’s long-term operational goals.

Department Supervisor

ditaiplastic vacuum forming

Extrusion Sheet Production Department Supervisor

With more than 10 years of industry experience, he plays a vital role in the sheet production department. He is not only efficiently responsible for the production of extruded sheets required by DitaiPlastic, but also comprehensively oversees the entire production cycle to ensure the timely completion of projects and the stability of the product quality. Focusing on meticulous adjustments of color, thickness and performance, he also experts precise control over the texture and flatness of the product’s surface.

Through in-depth study of extrusion processes and material science, the executive continuously drives technological innovation and process improvements to improve product performance and production efficiency. He is also responsible for training and leading an efficient production team, ensuring that they follow all safety procedures and operate various production equipment proficiently. Working closely with other departments and suppliers, he successfully ensured a stable supply of materials and a smooth production process, thereby significantly reducing costs, giving back to customers and increasing productivity.

This series of professional skills and rich experience enable him to continue to provide high-quality, industry-standard products in an ever-changing market environment.

Mold Production Department Supervisor

With over 20 years of professional experience, he is not only an expert in mold design and manufacturing but also excels in controlling shrinkage rates and surface finishes. Extremely customer-centric in his approach, he communicates closely with clients to ensure that the mold solutions provided meet technical specifications while also optimizing overall costs, production timelines, and future maintenance. 

Based on specific client needs, he custom-designed a variety of molds, including male and female molds, sliding block molds with undercut designs, and texture molds. To further enhance cost-effectiveness, he optimizes mold design combinations and material selections, ensuring both high production efficiency and quality while also achieving the goal of cost savings for clients.

This customer-focused, comprehensive approach, coupled with his rich experience and high level of professional skill, enables him to continuously offer high-quality, cost-effective mold products in a constantly changing market environment.

ditaiplastic vacuum forming
ditaiplastic vacuum forming

Vacuum Forming Production Department Supervisor

With over a decade of professional experience, he possesses extensive expertise and unique insight into processing various types and thicknesses of sheet material. He meticulously controls the heating temperature to ensure optimal forming results.

Moreover, to cater to the diverse shape characteristics of products, he employs a range of auxiliary forming methods, such as bulge techniques, top-press mold assistance, and enclosed box assistance for shaping, to further enhance product quality.

This depth of specialized knowledge and multi-faceted operational skills allow him to excel in the field of vacuum forming, enabling him to consistently offer high-quality and efficient forming solutions.

CNC Cutting Production Department Supervisor

With over a decade of professional experience, he is an expert in the field of precision cutting and machining. He is capable of designing various types of tooling/fixtures and rational processing paths based on product application requirements, ensuring efficient and dimensionally accurate cutting workpieces.

What’s worth noting is that upon the completion of cutting tasks, he employs specialized tooling for precise inspections. This is not just a measuring tool but also a unique fixture specifically designed to validate cutting accuracy. Through this method, he ensures that subsequent assembly and the cut pieces fit perfectly.

His highly specialized and meticulous approach enables him to consistently provide high-quality, high-precision cutting solutions in a demanding and ever-changing production environment.


ditaiplastic vacuum forming
ditaiplastic vacuum forming

Post Processing & Packaging Production Department Supervisor

He demonstrates an exceptionally high level of expertise in product safety and packaging optimization. When the product doesn’t require any further assembly, he ensures deburring processes are carried out to eliminate any sharp edges, guaranteeing safe usage of the product.

During the packaging design phase, he collaborates closely with the customer to confirm the packaging plan based on product design specifications, whether it involves complete product packaging or individual component packaging. Customers have the option to choose from a variety of packaging materials, including foam, cardboard, wooden crates, or corrugated boards.

During the sample packaging stage, drop tests are also conducted to ensure the integrity of the product throughout the transportation process.

Once the packaging plan is confirmed, we will accurately calculate the dimensions and weight of the product to select the most cost-effective packaging method, ensuring that clients do not incur additional expenses during transit.

The comprehensive and meticulous management ensures product safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. No Surprise Price!

Prototyping Production Department Supervisor

Vacuum Forming prototyping products are often a combination of techniques such as injection molding, metal hardware, 3D printing, machining, and roto molding. To reduce the amount of polishing and bonding work required and to achieve higher product stability and aesthetic quality, he consults with the engineering department to confirm the type of component processing as soon as the drawings are received.

Once confirmed, material choices are also vetted, with a recommendation for using the same material for different parts of the same product. 

Following this, the bonding method is selected; the prototyping department offers five different bonding options: specialized adhesive, tape backing, welding, screw-locking, and ultrasonic bonding. The most appropriate bonding method, or combination of methods, is chosen based on the product design.

Importantly, specific tooling is designed during the bonding process to ensure product stability and bond precision. This comprehensive approach ensures that every step, from design to actual production, meets high standards of efficiency, quality, and stability.

ditaiplastic vacuum forming
ditaiplastic vacuum forming

Paint Department Supervisor

He is an expert in surface treatments and painting, taking full responsibility for everything from pretreatment to final coating. At the outset of a project, he closely collaborated with the Engineering Department and Design Team to ensure that the painting scheme aligned perfectly with the characteristics of the vacuum-formed product and customer requirements. To achieve optimal aesthetic results and durability, he selects the most appropriate type of paint and painting techniques.

Focused on optimizing workflow and improving production efficiency. Through continuous technical updates and team training, he ensures high-quality paintwork is completed promptly. During the production process, strict adherence to all safety and environmental regulations is maintained, and every product undergoes rigorous quality checks.

All in all, he is not only deeply knowledgeable in their field but is also continually in pursuit of the industry’s latest technologies and methods. Through regular professional development and research, he ensures that our Paint Production Department remains competitive in the industry. Through his meticulous management and high level of expertise, the Paint Production Department provides clients with vacuum forming products of superior quality and aesthetic appeal.

Quality Control Department Supervisor

He plays an indispensable role in maintaining the standard of excellence across all operational aspects. They are tasked with rigorous quality checks at every stage of the production process – be it the raw materials like plastic sheets, the molds used, the product post-vacuum forming, post-CNC cutting, after post-processing, and even after the painting process, till delivery.

Their responsibilities extend beyond mere inspection to the intricate calibration of the entire production line. They work in concert with every department, from Engineering to Paint Production, to ensure all products meet the highest standards of quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

He is also accountable for the compilation and refinement of various inspection reports, thereby not just identifying but also documenting quality in a quantifiable manner. This serves to uphold our reputation for superior quality in vacuum-formed products, making sure that each piece that leaves our factory floor is nothing short of exemplary.

In summary, he combines technical expertise with a meticulous approach, ensuring that every component of our vacuum-formed products meets or exceeds both industry norms and client expectations. They engage in constant process improvement, quality assurance training, and staying updated with the latest quality control technologies, thereby ensuing our position as an industry leader in custom vacuum forming products.

ditaiplastic vacuum forming
ditaiplastic vacuum forming

Warehouse Supervisor

He brings over 15 years of professional management experience and excels in optimizing inventory and logistics in this highly specialized and customized production environment. Not only is he well-versed in warehouse management systems, but he also has a deep understanding of how to specifically handle the materials and custom components involved in vacuum forming.

Under his supervision, the warehouse team accurately categorized and stored various types of raw materials, molds, semi-finished, and finished goods inventory specific to vacuum forming. This ensures that all customer orders not only meet technical specifications but are also fulfilled according to pre-established production and shipping timelines.

He is responsible for implementing stringent quality control measures, particularly catering to the unique storage requirements of vacuum forming products, and maintains cost and budget controls. 

Through close collaboration with the production and sales department, as well as the use of advanced data analytics tools, he continually optimizes warehouse operational procedures. This enables us to ensure that vacuum forming products are securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively managed from production to delivery.

Engineering Department

In our company that specializes in vacuum forming products, the engineering department plays a pivotal role. Composed of a group of engineers with extensive experience in vacuum forming technology, this department is responsible for everything from initial product design to final process optimization. At the start of a project, engineers meticulously assess client-provided drawings, then make necessary adjustments or redraw the plans to align with the specific requirements of vacuum forming, ensuring the feasibility and high quality of the product.

Working closely with the design and production teams, the engineering department specific client specifications but also exceeding their expectations. They are experts in a variety of materials and surface treatment techniques, capable of creating products that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

In addition to overseeing design and optimizing workflows, the engineering department also plays a crucial role in quality control. Employing stringent quality inspection protocols tailored for vacuum forming, they ensure that each product meets both industry standards and the company’s high-quality benchmarks.

Overall, the engineering department not only solves technical challenges but also continually engages in learning and research to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field. They regularly attend professional training and research sessions, ensuring that we maintain a leading edge in the design and production of vacuum forming products.

We Are Able To Provide The Following Advantages

We are a professional direct manufacturer specializing in custom vacuum forming services. We are dedicated to offering our customers one-stop services from design, material selection, mold, vacuum forming, CNC cutting, post-processing, prototyping, and painting, to final assembly, quality check, and distribution. We profoundly understand the importance of product quality, price, delivery time, and customization capabilities when customers choose their partners, and we are guided by the maximization of customer value in our services.

  • One-Stop Service & Customization Capability: 

Our one-stop service ensures you receive professional support from design to final product at every stage. Our professional and experienced thermoforming experts provide design advice to ensure the perfection of your product. You just need to tell us your needs and design, and we will take over your work, allowing you to inspect our work at a certain time and wait for the product to be delivered to your hands.

  • Product Quality & Internal Control

By keeping all processes in-house, we ensure full control over every aspect of the project. We have established several professional departments, including extrusion plastic sheets, mold, engineering, vacuum forming, CNC cutting, post-processing, painting, quality inspection, and prototyping. Each department strictly enforces quality control and management to ensure the quality, raw material composition, and timing of the products meet high standards. This depth of internal control allows us to ensure that the final delivered products fully meet your expectations and international quality standards.

  • Price Competitiveness:

As a direct manufacturer, we offer extremely competitive prices. Our factory possesses the capabilities to complete all the processes required for vacuum forming, allowing you to save on all external transportation costs. Additionally, we provide the most favorable quotes based on the actual applications of your products. We offer optimal prices not only on sheet materials, fixtures, and labor costs but also provide free services for modifying mold drawings and laser engraving logos. Moreover, for the first mold order, we can provide a 5% discount.

  • Professional Communication:

Our company prides itself on its advantage in Professional Communication. Our team is proficient in English and consists of well-trained and experienced professionals who excel in maintaining clear and effective communication. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of our client’s needs and requirements, allowing us to deliver precise and tailored solutions that align with international standards. Our adept communication skills facilitate smooth interactions, enabling us to address inquiries, resolve concerns, and provide support promptly and efficiently, ensuring client satisfaction and fostering long-term partnerships.

  • Strong Reputation & Brand:

We have established solid partnerships with several world-renowned brands, including Louis Vuitton, Guerlain, Hennessy, as well as the Fortune 500 company Wistron. We are also honored to be on one of the supplies for CIIL (China International Import Expo). With our professional expertise, exceptional quality, and comprehensive services, we have earned profound trust and an excellent reputation from our clients, firmly aspiring to be your ideal partner.

ditaiplastic vacuum forming

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Development Path

Since 1997

Our founder, Mr. Dehong, went to Shanghai to become a partner of a vacuum forming company and was responsible for the technical aspects of the company.


In June, Mr. Dehong led his professional team to start ditaiplastic''s entrepreneurial career. Within three months, he completed the production and manufacturing of three large vacuum forming machines. At that time, they were the largest forming machines in Guangdong. In the same year, Tony joined ditaiplastic. Responsible for modeling and programming.


Skyworth urgently visited Mr. Dehong as there was a need to reduce the cost of developing new peoducts. The average development cost of a single mold for the TV back cover, using injection molding technology, was over CNY 500,000. In response to this, Mr. Dehong propose a plastic vacuum forming plan, which could significantly reduce the cost of each mold to just a few thousand to twenty thousand CNY.


At the begining of the year, the foreign trade business was officially launched, with Amy in charge.


DitaiPlastic was moved to Dongguan Liaobu Ruida Industrial Park, the number of employees expanded form 10 to 40, the plant area increased to 8,000 square meter, with 5 sets of vacuum forming machines, 12 sets of 3-axis CNC machines, 5 sets of 5-axis CNC machines and further improve the integrated services of sales, design, R&D, production, packaging, transprotation.


Our general manager clarified the future development direction for DitaiPlastic, and put forward the business philosophy of providing integrated services to our customers on the basic of high-tech development. Certified by the state as the only high-tech enterprise in the vacuum forming industry. Set up spray painting department, started a strategic cooperation with Hisense.


DitaiPlastic becomes Louis Vuitton and China Shandong Arsenal's supplier. At the same time, DitaiPlastic expanded the office area, where located in SongHu ZhiGu - the city's high-tech development zone with an area of 600 square meter. Also, DitaiPlastic built their own raw material production line, making DitaiPlastic become a one-stopn factory in the Vacuum forming field.


Became one of the robot cover suppliers for the World Expo. The factory area was expanded 12,000 ㎡, prototyping department was added, and equipment was added. So far, the number of employees on the job has reached 70, 16 large vacuum forming machines, and 28 CNC cutting machines. Reached a C919 agreement with Huawei Cooperation.

2023 To Be Continued

Comprehensively improve the department, clarify the responsibilities of extrusion sheet, mold, vacuum forming, CNC cutting, post-processing, prototyping, spray painting, quality inspection, engineering, and packaging. A professional ERP system monitors the progress. The factory area is increased to 20,000 square meters.

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