After-Treatment Processes

Some of the After-Treatment processes in handling vacuum forming products: 

Extrusion of plastic sheets, molding, vacuum forming, and CNC cutting, these four steps are mostly machine works. This page mainly wants to introduce to you the part of manual work. our workers will do edge scraping, silk-screening, painting, assembly, gluing, polishing, and packaging. In fact, some basic products are finished scraping the edges, and our QC department will check the color, thickness, and size. Then we can start packaging. Some other products need to through other processing and other quality inspection. Let’s have a look!


Edge-Scraping: The high speed of CNC cutting will make the edge of the product burr and at the same time it’s easy to scratch the skin. This is unavoidable when using CNC cutting, but with laser cutting, there is no such problem. Both cutting methods have unique benefits.

Packaging: We can meet all your needs, like single-piece packing,  whole packing after assembly, the whole packing of all parts, cardboard, wooden box, bagging, foam packing, etc.

The Polishing

After the product surface is painted, there may be coarse grains, sandpaper marks, flow marks, anti-white, orange peel, and other small defects, usually, after the painting, the polishing treatment in order to improve the mirror effect of the paint film, to achieve bright, smooth and brilliant requirements.

Some Images Of Packaging

DiaiPlastic Vacuum Forming- packaging
Ditaiplastic Vacuum Forming- packaging
ditaiplastic vacuum forming
ditaiplastic vacuum forming

Painting And Silk-Screening

At the beginning of 2018, Ditai added a painting department, equipped with three perfect product workshops, which can provide professional silk screening and painting to meet customers with high requirements for product surfaces, and we can also control the quality of painting and silk-screening as well. As the matter of fact, painting is a process we often use for plastic surface treatment, which fit some situation as below: Firstly, when you need a small number of products but have requirements on the color of the product, it can be replaced by painting. It is worth mentioning that paint can be PU paint, such paint is generally sprayed on the surface of the car, which can effectively prevent the products from scratching and hard fading. Secondly, the vacuum forming process on the shape of the product does have certain requirements, for instance, when the height of the product is too high, then when vacuum forming is easy to have shrink mark, spray paint can cover this kind of defect after polishing the mark. Or when the finished product needs to be polished and assembled, it can ensure a consistent appearance and make the product look way more beautiful.

Ultimately, you can also use the painting process to make the plastic look like other materials, for example, spraying matte paint can make the plastic looks like plaster or ceramic, or other materials you want, such as silk, metal, etc., that your products can have the characteristics of plastic and at the same time have the appearance of different materials. There is also an advantage, the spray paint can have a gradient effect, which can make the product more closely match the actual, look particularly realistic.

The Spray Painting And Silk Screening In Vacuum Forming

Some Images About Painting and Silk Screening

ditaiplastic vacuum forming

Gluing And Assembly

In recent years, most of the shells of some high-tech products are made by vacuum forming processes, like robot shells, drone shells, some medical technology products shells, and so on. Assembly includes lots of steps, such as gluing, inserting screws, fixtures, screwdriving, deburring, and assembly.  Ditai owning gluing and assembly departments are fully capable of doing all the production in one factory. 

insert screw
Here are some images to show some of the whole products we have done.
ditaiplastic vacuum forming
ditaiplastic vacuum forming
In addition to these supporting facilities, we are also equipped with some auxiliary machines, such as plate heating machines, and some basic bending products can be used to produce; such as acrylic laser cutting machine, we can directly do the processing of acrylic; and a variety of testing machines, can be professional in testing thickness, color, and test flame retardancy. We have a complete set of machine systems.

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