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An Excellent Cooperation Case 2 A Thermoforming Project

Hey guys, thanks for coming our website for viewing, last week, my partner Gene share a interesting case with you. This week, I would like to share another case with you so that you can see how we build a business relationship with different customer and how we produce a qualified product.

In June this year, we received an inquiry from a Russian trading company. The customer asked whether we could provide snake basins of different sizes. I replied that we are a custom-made company, so we need 3D drawings to make them. After that, the customer did not reply. To be honest, we have met many customers who need finished products. After hearing that they need drawings and open molds, they think that the cost of customization is very high, so they will not consider to custom products, Therefore, we did not follow up this customer continuously. However, in July, we suddenly received the 3D drawings from this customer. We were so excited about this, so we checked the drawing and found that there were no structural problems, and we started to quote. However, in production, we can only use STEP drawings, while the customer’s drawings are DWG. In order to save the customer’s time, we decided to draw the drawings for the customer free of charge. One week later, we finished the drawing and got the approval of the customer, so we started the mold process. The sample process took about two weeks. Because the size of the snake basin is a little large and the length is nearly 1 meter, the CNC machine took about one day to complete the carving and cutting. After that, we need to manually polish and punch holes on the mold.

After finishing the mold, we started the most critical process – vacuum forming. Because there is a water groove in the middle of the snake basin, which will cause the bottom to be uneven, so our production worker suggested using a wooden mold to press the product from above.

At present, the samples are already on the way to customers. We look forward to customers’ feedback and photos of how they are put into use.

Thank you for watching. I’ll see you next week

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