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Application of ABS Plastic Materials

1, New Energy Vehicles
Used in electric cars include panels for cars, body shell Panel, instrument panel, decorative plates, inside doors, and many plastic parts.

golf cart shell

2, The Machine Electric
Medical equipment, electronic equipment, instrumentation, electrical, body shell jacket, television sets, machine, exercise machine.

Medical trolley shell

3, tray liner inside liner of a refrigerator, refrigerator enclosures, pet trays, revolving trays, pallets, large thick pallets for automobile parts.

large green tray

4, Advertising display,we have produced the 2020 winter display windows for LV.

LV display window

5, Above, Building Materials
ABS health wares (washbasins, baths, bath), ABS decoration plate width, three dimensional panels for the building materials industry.

ABS also broadly used in packaging, home appliances, sports and entertainment products, machinery and parts industries.

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