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Application of cutting process

Last time I introduced the spraying process, I hope it can help you understand the spraying process after reading the previous article.This time I would like to introduce the application of cutting. When the vacuum forming process is finished, the product need to be processed again because of the edge scrap.We use cutting to remove these scrap. Different products need different cutting methods. Let me introduce some cutting process and application of cutting.


Stamping is a process with little or no cutting. It uses a press and a die to apply pressure to the material to separate it or produce plastic deformation to obtain a product of the desired shape and size.

The stamping process uses sheet metal as the processing object to produce various stamping parts, which are widely used in industries such as automobiles, electrical appliances, instruments, machine tools, and hardware.

Features of this cutting process—-The reason why people choose stamping process is that the products produced by the stamping process have the characteristics of high efficiency, good quality, energy saving and low cost. In actual production, the most widely used stamping equipment is crank press, friction press and hydraulic press, the widely used mold of stamping process is knife mold.图片4

Laser cutting-

The laser beam is focused into a small spot, so that the spot reaches a high power density. Under this spot, the material is quickly heated to the melting point or boiling point, and evaporates to form holes. At the same time, the high-pressure gas parallel to the beam will blows away the melted or vaporized material. The equipment of laser cutting is high-tech, so the cost is high. For the material, this cutting process will burn the plastic black and smell, so this process is mostly used for metal.

Features of laser cutting process—-

  1. Good cutting quality, no burrs on the surface.
  2. Fast cutting speed.
  3. It can cut many types of materials.
  4. Suitable for cutting large parts.
  5. Clean, safe and pollution-free.

CNC cutting-

CNC cutting, its working principle is to give machine instructions (or programs) in digital form, when the instruction is provided to the CNC control device, the cutting machine can automatically cut according to the given instruction.

Three-axis CNC and its features-

The cutting tool moves along the 3-axis to cut the part. It cuts on a flat surface. Three-axis machine tools work faster, more accurately, and have a compact structure

Five-axis CNC an its features-

Five-axis CNC can cut any surface of the part. It can cuts at 360 degrees. Five-axis CNC has the characteristics of high efficiency and high precision图片5

Dongguan Ditai Plastic Company -( ) have been engaged in the thermoforming industry for more than 11 years, and we have cutting over 8,000 kinds of products.

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