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What plastic raw material is used for thermoforming?

plastic material

ABS: ABS is made of acrylonitrile, styrene and butadiene, which is a very hard material. It is light in weight and it can withstand impact and UV (ultraviolet radiation); in addition to this,ABS has excellent elasticity and it is flexibility, it reacts well with glue and paint well, it can work normally at all temperatures […]

Vacuum forming steps of plastic products

vacuum thermoforming

1.Customer provides the 3D drawings or product’s sample. Vacuum forming is one of the common methods of processing plastic materials. From the beginning, we prefer you provide us the 3D drawings or samples of your products. STP, STEP or IGS are the first choices. Of course, DITAI has a professional designer and engineer, if you […]

What is vacuum forming?

vacuum forming machine

1.What is vacuum forming? Vacuum forming is one of the common methods of processing plastic materials. The main principle is that the flat plastic hard sheet is softened by heating, adsorbed on the surface of the mold by vacuum, and formed after cooling. Vacuum forming originates from the 1930s and yet it remains increasingly relevant […]

What is a double sheet thermoforming process?

vacuum forming plastic boat

Two sheets laminated together, blowing in the Middle, we can produce large hollow parts. Put thermoplastic plastic tablets material processing into various products of a more special of processing method, will tablets material clip in framework Shang heating to softening State, in forces Xia, makes its close mold type surface, cooling stereotypes Hou that have […]

Application of vacuum forming plastic tray

Many kinds of plastic trays, plastic tray, also called a plastic liner, using molded plastic hard plastic made from a particular Groove, products will be placed in the Groove, play a role in protection and beautification products, also with transport trays, the tray is more convenient to use. Plastic trays are used for any industry. […]

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