Vacuum Forming Process

Vacuum forming process can be roughly divided into five steps: material sheet production, mold production, vacuum forming, CNC cutting, post-processing. The first process is the production of material sheet. Put the raw material granular plastic into the heating machine, heat evenly, plasticize, and then through rolling, cooling and flattening, forming the sheet. Actually, the mold is made at …

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Materials Used for Vacuum Forming and Its Fields of Use

Vacuum Forming, also known as “thermoforming”, refers to the use of materials thicker than 0.2mm, usually 0.2mm-12mm. The principle of vacuum forming is to heat the clamped sheet through the machine oven to a softened state, then the mold forms a closed space and the air in the mold cavity is extracted in a flash, the sheet is …

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Knowledge and applications of ABS

Presented by Dongguan Ditai Vacuum Forming Plastic Group ABS is a terpolymer of acrylonitrile (A), butadiene (B) and styrene (S). It has the common properties of these three components. “A” has the resistance to chemical corrosion, heat resistance and hardness, “B” has high elasticity and toughness, and “S” makes it have the characteristics of thermoplastic which are good for vacuum forming, and improve electrical properties. The different …

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Types and applications of plastics Molding processes

In the previous article we have briefly introduced a few plastic processing methods, now I would like to introduce more plastic processing methods. Injection Molding- The injection molding machine uses the nature of molten plastic to melt into liquid after heating to a specified temperature, injecting the molten liquid into the closed cavity with high pressure, cooling and shaping, …

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