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CNC Cutting Center

One of the companies with the largest number of CNC machining production facilities in China!

A Brief Introduction

      CNC is the meaning of Computer Numerical Control.  After the extrusion of plastic sheets, molding, and vacuum forming processes, here comes CNC cutting. Once formed, our CNC engineers will convert the 3D files into CNC-dedicated files, program the data, then remove excess material from the outside, and shape, drilling, and bevelling of the products are all done in this step. We have a total of 28 sets of CNC machines and are one of the companies with the largest number of CNC machining production facilities in China!

5-Axis CNC Cutting Machine

We have 28 sets of CNC cutting machines, 16 sets of which are 5-Axis CNC cutting machines, the cutting size can reach 5 meters, and it works like a robot hand that can process 360 degrees of drilling, it can process complex shapes in a single pass, so we can achieve precise dimensions and save lots of time and cost. We think it is worth investing money in these, which let us no limit on plastic product cutting process.

3-Axis CNC Cutting Machine

The current circulation of CNC cutting machines is 3-axis CNC and 5-axis CNC. Compared with 5-axis CNC have 360 degrees high speed rotating robot arms for cutting products with more angles and curved surfaces, we use 3-axis CNC for cutting flat or simple curved surfaces.

Usually, our CNC engineers type in the program, and the machine will automatically operate to cut the shape of the product. How to maintain the accuracy of cutting products? Take the 5-axis machine as an example, when we use the 5-axis CNC processing cutting products before, we will make a fiberglass mold or wooden mold, and the surface shape of this mold will fit with the shape of the product, at the same time this mold we will vacuum drill holes and will embed one side of magnets on the surface of the mold, during the cutting process, the vacuum pump will extract the air between the mold and the product through the air holes on the top of the mold, the magnets will be placed on the surface of the product. Through the suction between the magnets and the suction of the vacuum pump, the product will be firmly attached to the mold, which is used to ensure that the size of the product is cut accurately.

Acrylic/Pmma Laser Cutting Machine

Compared with the CNC cutting machine, the benefit of the laser-cutting machine are no burr in the cutting area and the speed of cutting also fast and accurate. But laser cutting is used for flat surfaces.

Here are some pictures to show you the CNC process for thermoplastic project:

ditaiplastic vacuum forming
ditaiplastic vacuum forming
ditaiplastic vacuum forming
ditaiplastic vacuum forming

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