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Cooperation Case 1- Robotic Arm Cover

Thanks for your guys coming in our website for reviewing, i believe that maybe you already have some knowledge of thermoforming/vacuum forming technology. and for now, i will share you some of our cooperation cases in next weeks, with some famous brand and some different needs.

June 2022, Listed company Guangdong Changying Precision Technology Co. Came for us through the Zhihu software, they told us they have a new design of the robotic arm cover, which was planed to make by injection molding process, but after reviewing our promotion in Zhihu, they considered to use vacuum forming process to make this plastic cover to reduce the budget. Changying group came to our factory and visiting the whole process of vacuum forming molding after a short phone call, and they were very pleased with our production facilities and capabilities after visiting. We had a meeting for the design and all the specific that day, our engineer provided some suggestions of draft angle for the design to make it more suitable for the vacuum forming process, we discussed some material advice for the temperature of the application of this cover, our engineer also did some projections for the outer round corner on the up surface that will be happen after natural forming. Changying group agree with us for these slightly changes, commissioned us to make changes to the design for the draft angle and outer corners.

And then our engineer group help to make the changes for the draft angle, and after confirmation of Changying engineering group, we got the approval for the production of this project. This is the beginning of our cooperation with Chang Ying Group. After around 15 days, we have finished the sample and all was going well. We had a good control on the surface performance because we add some draft angle for the cover, and then we did the painting on the surface based on color master reference-

for now, the arm cover has already been mounted on a robotic arm to test the performance of the material against high temperatures and is expected to pass the tests and will be successfully presented at some robot exhibitions soon. Below is the arm cover as white color we painted, it is matte finish as client request. We are currently expanding our cooperation with the Chang Ying Group and have already started working with them on other plastic cover products.

We will continue to provide our best service and the excellent quality of plastic products and hope that our cooperation with the Cheung Ying Group will continue to grow.

We will keep sharing more cooperation case for you in our website, follow us and contact us if you have any project of plastics !!!

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