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Definition Of A Vacuum Forming

Vacuum (Vacuum Forming) commonly known as blister, is a kind of plastic processing, the main principle is to spread after the softening of hard plastic sheeting heating, vacuum adsorbed on the surface, cooling molding, widely used in plastic packaging, decorative lighting, advertising, and other industries.

Vacuum packaging products including: blister, trays, plastic boxes, synonyms: vacuum cover, Cap, etc.

vacuum forming mold

Vacuum packaging equipment includes: plastic molding machines, punching machine, sealing machine, high-frequency machine, folding machine.

Encapsulated form of packaging products can be divided into: cards, blister card, double bubble shell fold, half shell, shell 30 percent, shell, and so on.

vacuum forming process

Now Vacuum forming widely used in advertising displays, car assemblies and greenhouse farming and so on.

Vacuum forming is the thermoplastic sheet or sheets (thickness less than 10mm), reheated softened, placed on the mold with many small holes, take the vacuum method of forming on the sheet tightly in the mold, which formed fast, easy operation.

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