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Maybe you do not know that paint technology some times are also important in the vacuum forming field. Because lot of products after vacuum forming and CNC, it also need to be painted and then assemblying on the final products.

  Therefore, to provide customer one – stop service, Ditai company established paint department and built the new paint office.


In the picture, you will find that the paint room is sealed, this is because we are doing the drying paint technology for the production which will prevent the paint material pollute the environmental. And following is the inside view of this kind of office:

In the pictures, our workers are doing the polishing on the vacuum forming plastic product’s surface. They are trying the making the surface as smooth as possible. Then it can help make the paint feeling on the product’s surface is more durable and beautiful.

Following is our worker wear the antigas mask when doing the paint.

After painting, we will have make sure the products are totally dry before shipping to customer. And make sure the products are well protect and will not scracth during shipping. Followings are some finished products and package view:

Sincerely wish these can make you feel that the paint treatment in here can be finished in a very good condition. And except this kind of paint feeling, we also can make the silk-screen and layered spraying, you can check following pictures to know more:

So, according to this, almost any paint requests from you can all be done by our own department, comparing with other suppliers, we will be more stronger and advantage. Even some problems on the paint products show up, we also can move very quick and solve it as soon as possible.

And warmly welcome contact us if you have any requests about the such kind of vacuum forming painted products.

Have a good day.

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