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Ditai’s diary -a vacuum forming plastic manufacturer

In the past 2 months I was working so hard on improving and upgrading our workhouse and office. The motivation of what I was doing is mainly for the idea of providing better working environment for colleagues, better service for clients and products’ quality specially.

Specifically, in order to accomplish the idea, so far, I had expended, redecorated and reorganized

Vacuum Forming Department:

With some more new vacuum forming machines came in and working space enlarged. Our capacity of production increased so that the delivery time can be shorter than before.


CNC Cutting Department:

Same as Vacuum Forming Department, with some more new CNC cutting machines came in, the time period of CNC processing will be shorten.图片4图片5

Packaging department and warehouse:

They were expended so that the capacity of storage and workers’ working range are amplified and more commodious.


So far, the upgrade is not done yet. At this moment some more machines are still in the process of being customized made like one more production line of plastic extruding sheet will be added . We are holding onto that and will be making specific new introduction of the new tools came in with by videos soon. Let’s wait and see!

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