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DITAI’S DIARY-Assembly Products

As you know, Ditai is specialized in producing customized vacuum forming products, And there is lots of knowledge in this kind of plastic field. Just like assembly product.

17th May 2021 we received the plastic box which customer sent us. See following picture:


This plastic box looks expensive, why customer is willing to pay high cost and send this to us?

It is because the plastic we made for them need to match the things in the boxes. Once we finish the plastic cover or plastic part this customer need, we will use the things in this box and do assembly for customer approval to make sure everything is clear and nice.

After that, we will make a vacuum forming customized plastic part testing report for customer approval. Everything of the plastic products we produce will be very clear in that report. Customer can know details through that, if they need mass productions urgently, they can give us the order through the plastic testing report. Or they can ask us send the plastic samples we made for them to know more.

Anyway, receiving such assembly things for the plastic parts can help us a lot to know more about the customer’s requests and these can make the customized plastic parts we plan to make for the customers can meet them requests a lot.  

Therefore, if you have the plastic parts which need assembly some thing, we suggest you can send us the assembly parts and it can help us alot for the production and the order.

17th May 2021


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