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DITAI’S DIARY-DITAI Factory Expansion

Frankly speaking, lots of factory should feel that the virus in the world influence the development of the their company. Not only the order get from the customer decrease, but also the freight fee increase several times.

But it seems our factory Ditai plastic vacuum forming factory aren’t influenced by the virus a lot. Instead it seems we are growing very fast.

We totally understand that the expansion of our factory can not leave our customer’s support! That’s why we buy more machines to support our customer. Through such positive development.

Both of us will benefit in this cooperation.

For now, the most important thing we wanna do is trying to hire more workers and help DITAI speed the working efficiency.

Following pictures are the expansion place:

As a person in DITAI company, I will very proud and happy about these.图片1图片2图片3

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