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DITAI’S DIARY-Our Company Development

Usually evaluate the strength of a factory, sometimes the factory areas and the worker’s number does can prove it. But we should forget one thing——The development of this factory.

Just DITAI, we are specialized in producing customized vacuum forming and themoforming plastic products. Because of the customer’s support in the business, we have big development during this year.

For example, at 2019, we have bought a new work shop which is about 400 sqm. This will be out office and better for customer have place to know more about us and discuss the vacuum forming plastic products project with us.

At 2020, we have rent a new warehouse (1500sqm) which is stock our molds in it, also we have bough 2 sets CNC machine and 3 sets vacuum forming machines.

For now, there are one vacuum forming machines, two CNC machines and a new raw material production machines on the way to our factory. And our factory have rent a new place for productions.

We believe through this, our factory will become stronger and stronger, then giving our customer more and more better service.

20th May 2021


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