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Do You Know Which Issues In The Vacuum Forming Technology You Need To Pay Attention To?

Dongguan DITAI plastic factory since 1997 and now is a totally one-stop factory. From raw material making to mold making to vacuum forming to CNC to painting to silk-screen to quality testing to polish to package. It all has related department now. Kindly visit us at: (click to sent us email) WhatsApp:+86 13825780422(click to open whatsapp)

Kindly visit us:


WhatsApp: +8613825780422

  Following are the detail machines details.

  • 2 sets of raw material machines ( can produce raw material thickness from 0.5mm to 12mm)
  • 2 sets of mold making machines
  • 16 sets of vacuum forming machines ( the biggest product size we can produce is 4m x 2m x 1m)
  • 28 sets CNC machines ( 13 sets of flat CNC machines and 15sets of 5-axis machines all have here)
  • Etc…

  Therefore, I would like to share you some things which you should pay attention to if choose using vacuum forming technology for producing your products.

For the raw material making:

  The raw material’s quality is the most important thing in vacuum forming. Only we make sure the quality of the material is good at beginning, then we can make sure the product’s quality at next can be controlled. In other words, if the material’s quality has problem, no matter how you do the improvement at rest production steps. The final product will still look bad.

  According to this, you will need to make sure you can get the raw material’s certificates from the raw supplier to make sure the raw material’s grain which will be used for production are meet your requests. Also please double check with your supplier that how many recycled material they will use for production. Usually 30% recycled material in the raw material sheet production is no problem and will not influence the quality of the goods. But if the factory add more recycled material, quality will be influence.

  In other words, if you need a high quality product, you also can ask the raw material supplier use 100% pure raw material grain for production.

  Or if you do not have much requests for the vacuum forming products you are going to make and also wanna save cost of your product. You can ask your supplier use more recycled material for making your raw material sheet like 50% or 60%, this will save the cost at the beginning. Relatively, your product’s price will be cheaper.

  Now back to DITAI company, as we mentioned, now we have 2 sets raw material making machines now. So we can control the raw material’s quality by ourselves. Even if your product have problem after production, DITAI also can move very quick and arrange a new raw material production for you. And now DITAI has stock over 300 tons raw material grain in stock. This will avoid once the CITY is lockdown because of the COVID 2019. DITAI can still keep working interior.

Followings are the raw material machines in DITAI:

For the vacuum forming mold production:

  There are four types molds which can be used for vacuum forming technology. Followings are the details:

  • Wood vacuum forming mold: The mold cost is cheaper than aluminium mold, but such kind of mold is usually for customer for just producing the samples during production. As after 20-30 times vacuum forming, the mold will break. Therefore such kind of mold is outdated. But it did happen in the vacuum forming technology before.
  • Fiber glass vacuum forming mold: For such kind of mold, the cost is also cheaper than aluminium mold,but comparing with wood vacuum forming mold, this mold can be used for many times. Therefore, if the plastic which is made through this mold is no problem, then the mold can also bed used in mass production. But there is a defect for such mold, if the product’s design need to change, Then the fiber glass mold may not be used and have to open a new fiber glass mold.
  • Aluminum casting mold: This kind of mold is very usual in vacuum forming technology, For example,100 pcs products, maybe 80 pcs products are made through such mold. As the cost of this mold is economic. Such like ABS/PE/HIPS/PP/PVC etc… can be used through this mold. Even you may need to change the design of the product in the future, We may just do the modifications on this mold without opening a new mod like the fiber glass mold. This is in other way save your production cost. But usually, the transparent material will not use such mold for production, as the product’s surface will looks bad through such mold.
  • Aluminum block mold: This kind of mold is the most expensive mold comparing with above three molds. As such kind of mold is usually used for producing transparent material like clear PC/PETG/ABS etc…. Therefore the appearance of such product is highly request. Only such kind of mold can reach this requests.

According to this: when you choose the mold for production, you need pay attention to what kind of mold is suitable for your products.

And also in DITAI, we have a warranty service for the aluminium mold we produced for you: Once we keep working here and your mold is broken and can not use. We will make a new one for you. That means the mold is one time cost in here. If you choose us for cooperation, you will need to worry about the mold cost of this product in the future.

For the vacuum forming production:  

 Vacuum forming step, frankly speaking this step is the best production step I like in the vacuum forming technology. As it is like a magic, you can see a plastic sheet after heating, then it will work together with mold we already made and make a plastic sheet into a 3D shape.

Following is the video of vacuum forming for you to know more:

Now let’s back to how to make the vacuum forming parts are in good quality. First a good quality and suitable vacuum forming machines are indeed. As a vacuum forming machine can make sure the temperature control is more accurate during production. Then it can make the heating on the material is more uniform, then the vacuum formed part’s thickness will be more uniform.

 Second you need to make sure which mold is workable for your products. Usually there are female mold and male mold for the producing these, followings are these two kinds of mold features:

  • Male Mold: The interior surface of the material will touch the mold during production, then the interior’s size of your product will be accurate and it will be very good for you to do assembly in this surface. The exterior surface will be cosmetic surface, this surface usually can be seen and just has less things need to do assembly.
  • Female Mold: It is different comparing with male mold, the exterior surface will touch the mold during the production and the interior surface will be cosmetic surface.

So when using vacuum forming technology for making your products, you have to make sure which surface of the product you need is accurate and which surface you need to be beautiful. Then making the decision about which mold for production.

Followings are the male mold and female mold pictures for you reference:

The second things are the material you choose for producing your products. Followings are the detail material’s application for you reference:

And ABS material is the most popular material we are using for many products, So you can check following details of the types of ABS material.

ABS : most used material,Lightweight, Good impact strength, Poor solvent resistance,Hard, rigid, very good impact strength & weather resistance, medium cost Electrical Enclosures, Luggage, Sanitary & Vehicle Parts

ABS+UV: outdoor products that need UV protection

ABS+FOOD GRADE: food grade products

ABS+COLD RESISTANT: anti-cold, cold-resistant materials, ice buckets, etc

ABS+HIGH IMPACT: impact resistance, not easy to break under strong IMPACT

ABS+FIRE RESISTANT: flame resistant material

ABS+PMMA: smooth surface, scratch-resistant, not easy to yellow, but relatively easy to break, brittle

ABS+PC: smooth surface, easy to scratch, not easy to break, high temperature resistance, stable performance

ABS+ASA: the ASA material itself is equipped with UV resistance, so if the customer has strong requirements, it is recommended to add ASA.

Here are other material for you reference too:

HIPS: Crisp, cheaper than abs, more for display

PC: High strength and elastic coefficient, high impact strength, wide range of temperature;High transparency and free chromaticity;H.D.T. high;Poor fatigue resistance;Good weather resistance;Excellent electrical characteristics;Tasteless, odorless and odorless are harmless to human body and accord with hygiene and safety;Low shrinkage and good dimensional stability.

PETG:High transparent, extensive chemical resistance, environmental protection, high toughness, excellent tensile and impact resistance, secondary processing, excellent printing and coating performance, especially suitable for wall thickness transparent products

The last thing is according to our engineer’s experience during production. As they control the vacuum forming machines and very familiar with these. Also they will modify the temperature on the vacuum forming machines to make sure the final shape of the product is at the best condition.

Also these are based on the engineer’s mature experience. Luckily, Our DITAI vacuum forming engineer has been working in here for over 10 years, even our CEO and our production manager are both very familiar with vacuum forming technology, therefore, if a vacuum forming parts can be produced by other supplier. It must be no problem in Dongguan Ditai Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Followings are DITAI vacuum forming machines for you reference:

And this vacuum forming machine is designed and created by our CEO Mr zou de hong. This is also the biggest vacuum forming machine in DITAI. The biggest size of this machine can produce is 4M x 2M x 1M.

For the CNC production:  

  For the CNC, Although the steps are controlled by the Flat or 5 Anxis CNC machine. But the CNC program need to be made through our CNC engineers. This is also need the CNC engineers have mature experience in vacuum forming technology and know how to cut the product and make final shape and size are closed to the 3D products as possible. DITAI now ha 3 CNC managers which the experience in vacuum forming technology are both over 7 years.

  Except these, if you need do the assembly on the vacuum forming part. We suggest you can send us the assembly part, then once the products are finished CNC, we can use your part to do the assembly and testing to make sure everything is ok.

  Also you also can request our team make a flat jigs to testing your products after CNC and then making surface the hole sizes on the products are in right location.

  Usually, when we begin production, you will need to request the supplier make a sample for you first, when they send the sample to you, also please ask them keep the same sample in their hands. Once you approve the sample. You can ask them treat the sample in their hands as a quality testing standard for mass production. Only do like this can avoid there are less mistakes happen during mass production.

Followings are DITAI CNC machines for you reference:

So above are the points which for you reference that you may need to pay attention or ask the supplier do these for you during vacuum forming production. Sincerely wish these can help you have a good beginning when choose vacuum forming technology produce your products.

  Or if you wanna save time for these, you also can choose DITAI for producing your parts directly. As above details we will strictly follow here to make sure the samples and mass production products we are going to produce for you are in right way!

  Also if you have any other questions or help during vacuum forming technology. You can contact DITAI factory at any time. We will try the best solve your problem freely!

Thanks and Have a good day!

Kindly visit us:


WhatsApp: +8613825780422

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