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How To: A Display Shelf Developed Recently

1 month ago, a American electronic cigarette retail company contacted us on our website and told us they want to have a display shelf made for showing their products in the stores, and wanted the display shelf can draw customers’ attention and increase the sales volume of their electronic cigarette.

They had shared us the 3D file of the shelf they want to make, and interesting that they try to make a shelf look like their product.

After checking the 3D file they shared, we had analyzed and made some modifications on the design to make the parts simplified and easier for later production, We also had modified the structure of the parts to be suitable for thermoforming. Which we tried to make the production procedure easier and bring down the cost and time for clients.

 Simply we had designed the shelf to be separate 4 parts show as photo below.

And we designed the inter layer to have ribs glued and a plate on the ribs to have a floor for the products to stand on, which is easier for the production.

After proposal our suggestions, our client are very happy with them.

Then we go on making mold and samples right away.

Today we just finished the sticker attaching,by our skilled workers, and they are really impressing and looking like a art piece with drawing people’s attention.

We are proud of this piece made by us.

IF you got such product want to develop, feel free to contact us and we will be very glad we can help on your project.

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