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How To: A Vacuum Forming Sign

In vacuum forming process, vacuum forming sign is one of the most commonly manufacturing product. Several months ago, our client propose a design of bulb-shape sign.

We have made minor modifications to the drawings of the product based on the principles and requirements of vacuum forming process.

Once confirmed the drawing is exactly suitable for manufacturing, our engineers will convert 3d drawing to mold drawing and then move to mold production. Also the material production can be started together. What we use is light transmissive ABS material, which will be shown to be translucent under lighted conditions.

After finish vacuum forming and CNC cutting, the whole shape of the sign can be shown. The color is not 100% white, and it’s creamy white.

Then we can move to make painting to the sign. We will make the letter sticker and paint the first painting of PANTONE 9160. The sticker will bu put in the sign to avoid underpainting of other painting. After the positioning jig has been made, we will cover the edges first, the first painting will be arranged to made in advance. Then the signs need to wait half a day to a day for the paint to dry.

The second painting is for PANTONE 1795, which is the shiny red color. After two coats of paint, the finished sign is produced. Throughout the painting process, we fully understand the customer’s needs and make adjustments as the product is painted before giving confirmation to the customer. If we check the sign carefully, then you will also observer the letter “B”, the upper hole is each of the letter should be smaller.

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