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How to check thermoforming plastic products quality accurately

Firstly, we need to check the mold design, if it is suitable for the vacuum forming process, and angle of release mold is right or not, does undercut is exist or not, after checking the mold design, after the mold finish, we will also need to check the vacuum holes are enough or not, and the mold surface is smooth to avoid any defects.

After mold making, we will need to make sure the raw material sheets, need to check the color, and thickness, material surface and some sheets need fire resistance. Here are some pictures to show you how we check these.

We will start to do vacuum forming when we had prepared the mold and material, we will adjust the temperature after we fixed the mold on the operator console, then we will use a few plastic sheets to test the most appropriate temperature, cause the heating temperature is the most important factor to determine the thickness of the sheet, and using the instruments specifically designed to test thickness to test and record all the tested temperature degrees, so next time, when we do same products, we can use this same temperture to get the same quality.

After vacuum formed, we will do the CNC process, we have 15 sets 5 axis CNC machines, before CNC, we will make a jig to hold the product, the jig is made of wood or fiberglass, and with magnets and vacuum holes on it. Which makes the products tight on the jig when drilling. After CNC process, we usually have the fixture to do the final dimension and holes check. Sometimes, the clients might provide the fixture and some parts or we will make the fixture to check. When quality has been checked, we will use a metal frame to transfer the parts inside our factory to make sure the products stack right and safe.

After all machines jobs, we will do some hand work, we will need to polish the sides to avoid the product being too sharp to cause personal injury. After that, some projects will need to do assembly polishing and painting, we also have our QC system to make sure the assembly perfectly.

Last we will do the package based on clients’ needs, here is some normal package which we used before.

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