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How To:A PMMA Round Bonding Plastic Parts Case

It is me again, Gene. Since i sharing the first cooperation case few weeks ago, and today it is my turn to share another successful case, as you can know that, i am trying to use this article method to do some records for the story happen to me and my customer. Perhaps you can get some similar experience from my story or similar issue of your project, hope you can keep interesting in my article series. Today i will sharing one project which was met on Alibaba- PMMA round bonding plastic parts.

Last month, i found a RFQ request on Alibaba which was looking for a manufacturer who can make plastic round part, it is use for a food covering, and it has to be clear and 100% transparent so that people can watch the light from outside. Depending on this request, we know all the basic information of this product, we suggest to use the transparent food grade PMMA material for this product. Customer agreed with us. But the biggest problem we faced to was the structure, product’s feature was not suitable for vacuum forming process. Actually, when i saw this RFQ on Alibaba, i have already knew that the feature was not the best for vacuum forming process, there was a undercut just like below pic-

It was not considered to use vacuum forming process to make this product at the beginning, but after checking the parts, we think we can do some sightly changes to make the part be made by vacuum forming process. as shown in the above structure, the product is a structure that shrinks from top to bottom, which will cause the product to be stuck on the mold and not be released. Regarding this problem, we have a meeting with our engineer team about the solution- at the final we suggest to separate the top round circle and the down circle for production, and then do the bonding for two parts with a special food grade glue. And i made a simple DFM report for the client, to show our idea with customer, as show as below-

And after a short meeting with customer, we talked about all the details of our proposal, customer asked some questions and we do the confirmation, finally our customer agreed with our proposal.

From this case we can know that perhaps the design was not completely suitable for thermal formation technology at the beginning, but we will put forward our most professional opinions and the customer negotiate a modification plan- If you have any projects about plastic, please contact us at any time.

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