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One of the largest china vacuum forming plastic manufacturers in China

We have nearly 20 years of experience and can provide our customers with the best custom vacuum forming services. We can customize various shapes of vacuum forming plastic products, including vacuum forming boxes, vacuum forming trays, electrical enclosures, suitcases, Transparent products, medical accessories, auto parts and more.

The most commonly used raw material for vacuum forming is abs.

We also use other plastic raw materials, such as UV-resistant acrylic material; petg material suitable for contact with food; pc material that is not easy to burn…

In a word, abs vacuum forming production way is the most popular way here.

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Compliments From Customers

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The product I asked Ditai produced for me is a vacuum forming box, I got very professional service from here. Including drawing modification, production way and packing way.​ They are indeed a professional vacuum forming manufacturer!

Samantha Flores

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Ditai is a good vacuum forming products manufacturer, They used male mold produce my product and it fit on my machine perfectly! Which satisfy me alot. I will keep cooperation with Ditai.

clyde Stires

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I tried other manufacturer vacuum forming clear plastic product. for me and did not meet my requests. But Ditai did it and also gave me a very quick delivery time.

Alda Pedroso

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