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With the advancement of agricultural technology, more and more high-end agricultural equipment has been developed. Many agricultural types of equipment have large shells. vacuum forming can reduce development costs and speed up the prototype time, Vaccum forming process can produce many agriculture projects, like weeder enclosures, Splash guards for profiteer trailers and harvesters, and also some plastic trays to feed animals, even some plastic containers for animal footbath…

With the impact of the coronavirus, more and more people want to grow vegetables indoors, it lets Hydroponics growing kits getting more popular, if you have a good idea about this kind of project, pls contact us, we’d love to help you with design to finished product;

This is a 3m*1m agricultural planting tray installed in a vertical planting system with a fully mechanized canopy planting system. The vertical planting system first, is not picky about the soil environment or climate of the planting area, using led lights can solve the problem of light needed for plant growth. Secondly, the vertical planting system can use the planting area very effectively by stacking layers, which can make a contribution to the regeneration of the soil or the environment of the earth.

This is a high-end home hydroponic growing system, equipped with a specific wavelength light source to assist plant growth, and also equipped with an electronic display, which can use this module to control the intensity and duration of the light, and moreover, a water recycling system that can repeatedly use water. To grow hydroponic crops at home, you only need to simply prepare water and nutrient solution, and the vertical product can greatly save space for growing also obtaining higher yields.

This is a large plastic for farmer automatic planting systems. And the dimensions can reach 4m*2m. With the advancement of technology, the advantages of machine planting are gradually coming out. Through precise calculations, the seeds are sown and fertilized at regular intervals and even the light can be ensured, and then harvested by mechanical arms after maturity. Planting in the shed can also prevent pests, to ensure that the number of harvested can also be more secure for consumption.

Some Suggestions About Material Choose

The image on the left is an agriculture bulldozer housing, this housing needs strong impact resistance, so in the choice of materials, we will use ABS + PC raw materials to produce the sheet. Also, many planting trays will choose ABS + food-grade raw materials to produce it, while touching(growing) the food like fruits and vegetables, it can be more healthy and harmless.

Why Choose Ditaiplastic

DitaiPlastic since 1997, is one of the largest vacuum forming/thermoforming processing factories in China! Up to now, we have a factory covering 12,000 square meters with over 60 processing machines. Also we have over 80 employees, 6 engineers, lots of experienced people!

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