Vacuum Forming has grown in its popularity over the years and now can produce some plastic parts for aerospace, drone, and helicopter, we can not only just make a single part but also provide comprehensive assembly services, including the all interiors of the plane, the vacuum forming plastic can be lightweight, durable use and it is quite suitable for this field.

ditaiplastic vacuum forming

Internal Aircraft Cabin Interiors

This is an Aircraft and it’s a top secret in Ditai. All I can tell is the whole crafts’ covering are made by the Vacuum Forming Process. And then after the complex gluing, assembly, painting, and silk screening, with some hardware accessories to support, making it safe and at the same time very beautiful!

ditaiplastic vacuum forming

Single-Pilot Aerial Vehicle Housing

This is a single-pilot flight project from Singapore, the main purpose of which is to facilitate travel and relieve some of the traffic pressure. The red color of the fuselage is shown by the later painting and these products also require very complicated gluing and assembly! But we are so proud that we can make it!

ditaiplastic vacuum forming

Drone Housing For Agricultural Use

This is an agricultural drone housing. With the development of modern technology, in some places, the spray of pesticides has moved to be carried out in the air. The benefits of using drone for spraying are that human body can be protected from harm, avoiding repeated or less spraying, improving the utilization of pesticides wgile reducing the time and greatly reducing the time of operation!

ditaiplastic vacuum forming

Aircraft Windshield

  • PC

Aircraft Table Assemblies

  • ABS

Aircraft housing

  • ASA
  • ABS
ditaiplastic vacuum forming

Drone Housing

  • ASA

Why Choose Ditaiplastic

DitaiPlastic since 1997, is one of the largest vacuum forming/thermoforming processing factories in China! Up to now, we have a factory covering 12,000 square meters with over 60 processing machines. Also we have over 80 employees, 6 engineers, lots of experienced people!

Talented And Pro

Professional and experienced thermoforming experts provide you with design advice to ensure that you get a perfect product

Proper Price

We provide low-price plastic product service. All the processing you might need, we can solve them all in-house!

Free Design

We have six professional engineers, one of them has more than 20 years of experience in vacuum forming field, to meet all needs of drawings

One Stop Service

from design to material selection, to the final assembly and distribution of finished products, we can help you get it done

Quality Ensure

Keep all processes in house can make sure we can control all elements of your project, it means we can control the quality, raw material composition,timing


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