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PMMA (Acrylic) Applied in Heat Bending Process

  Acrylic is widely used in our dairy life and plastic industry, such as advertising light boxes, acrylic displays, etc. Acrylic products will be softer after heat bending, the shape is more varied, no seams after heat bending, the shape is round and smooth, visually beautiful and generous, long lasting without deformation and fracture. So now many acrylic products in the production is required to go through the heat bending process.

Acrylic, also known as PMMA, is chemically known as polymethyl methacrylate. It is an early development of important plastic polymer materials, with the performance of good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy processing and beautiful appearance, has a wide range of applications in the construction industry.

  Acrylic heat bending is to bend the acrylic products into the perspective and shape required by the customer. The specific steps are first put the acrylic sheet into the oven all hot melt, when the oven temperature rises to the melting point of acrylic, the sheet will be soften, and then take out the sheet placed on the mold. After cooling, acrylic sheet will be completely fitted in the mold, hot melt acrylic products will gradually harden when they encounter air, fixed molding. This refers to the overall heat bending.

Also there’s another method for partial heat bending process, which is a more common in the processing of acrylic products display shelves, generally straight acrylic heat bending out of a curvature, such as U-shaped, semicircular or curved, etc. There are some more troublesome local heat bending, such as acrylic heat bending into a right angle, but the heat bend for a smooth arc, this process is to tear off the protective film at this heat bend, with a high-temperature mold stick to heat the edge of the acrylic to be bent, and then use external force to bend into a right angle can be, so that the edge of the acrylic products out is a smooth arc right angle.

For heat bending mold, we will divided into wooden mold and aluminum mold. As the quantity of sample is small, the wooden mold is required to be made to save the cost. In order to ensure the stable quality in mass production, we will make aluminum molds. In addition to the commonly used acrylic material, PC is also commonly used in heat bending materials. Some motorcycle windshields are used for PC, but its transparency is not as good as Acrylic.

  The following is some heat bending products made by our factory for reference:

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