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Points need to be noticed for 3D designs of vacuum forming products-Drafting angle

Drafting angle:

A draft angle is a slant that is applied to each side of most features of an injection molded part. The angle, which is positioned to run toward the direction of a mold’s pull and parting line, helps with releasing the part from the mold.


Without draft angle or skimpy/not enough draft angle will cause the damage of the surface in both plastic parts and mold. While plastic parts is parting from the mold, the huge friction between the two surfaces will result with scratches and comes out with dissatisfied surface appearance for clients.图片2

Usually, draft angle of 1-3° will work for most of the product. For special cases with large height or crispy material, that’s better be with larger number of draft angle. In conclusion, for preventing the damage and getting easier production, the communication between clients and production team on draft angle is important. AS a 15-year old company, Ditai with our experienced engineers can help with your designed products with problems like uncertain draft angle. Feel free to contact us and let us know if you need suggestions or helps.

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