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Process of plastic products

In our daily life, technology application and production, we are always exposed to many kinds of plastic products. For example, the water buckets in our home, flower trays, or TV back cover, computer back shells, or roadside lampshades, various LED decorations, and even the cars speeding by on the road that we can see, all are inseparable from our plastic products, plastic products have penetrated our lives and provided us with great functions and conveniences. Do you know which production processes are basically used for plastic products? Let me sum up a brief introduction to several common production processes of plastics-

Thermoforming/vacuum forming- 

Also known as thermoforming, also called by vacuum forming. It is a special plastic processing method in which thermoplastic sheets are processed into various products. The sheet material is clamped on the frame and heated to a softened state, and under the action of external force, it is made to close to the molding surface of the mold to obtain a shape similar to the molding surface. After cooling and shaping, the finished product is ready to be finished.

This process is also used in rubber processing. In recent years, thermoforming has made new progress, such as continuous production technology from extruding sheets to thermoforming.

In the market, there are more and more thermoformed products, such as cups, saucers, food trays, toys, helmets, as well as auto parts, architectural decorations, and chemical equipment. Compared with injection molding, thermoforming has the advantages of high production efficiency, less equipment investment, and the ability to manufacture products with larger surface areas. Such as the famous BYD automobile company has a great application in thermoforming  process.

Injection molding

Injection molding, also can be called injection shaping. It is a shaping method that combines injection and molding. The advantages of injection molding method are fast production speed, high efficiency, operation can be automated, variety of colors, shapes can be from simple to complex, size can be from large to small, and the size of the product is accurate, the product is easy to replace/update, and it can be made into complex shapes/structure.  Injection molding is suitable for mass production and molding processing fields such as products with complex shapes. It is widely used in auto parts and precision plastic parts.


Rotomolding, also known as rotational molding, is a hollow molding method for thermoplastics. This method is to first add plastic raw materials into the mold, and then the mold is continuously rotated along with two vertical axes and heated the plastic material. Under the action of gravity and thermal energy, the plastic raw materials in the mold are gradually uniformly coated and melted and adhered to the mold cavity.

On the entire surface, it is formed into the required shape, and then cooled and shaped into a product.

The product wall thickness is uniform which is made by rotomolding, and there is no corner waste, no welding seam; products with a larger wall thickness range, such as polyethylene rotary forming parts, can be formed, and the wall thickness can be within 1-16mm. However, it is difficult to form thick-walled products due to viscosity. The rotational molding process is particularly suitable for molding 2~5mm plastic products.

The above is an brief introduction to the production process of some plastic products. Of course we also have other production processes, such as blow molding, extrusion molding, engraving and so on. I will not introduce them one by one here, but i will write more about the plastic process in the future.

Our company is a large-scale plastic product manufacturing company. We mainly produce the plastic products introduced in the above process. Whether it is thermoforming, injection molding, or rotational molding, we can provide you with professional customized services, and we will provide the best plastic product according to customer needs , the most suitable plan, professional craft customization will make your idea become a reality.

In the next week, I will introduce more knowledge/ technology about plastic products and please pay attention to us and our company- Dongguan Ditai Plastic Company,


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