Product gluing without Trace in Ditai

In some cases, products can not be vacuum formed at once as a whole part and they need to be glue after several separate parts are vacuumed in order to reach how they are supposed to be looked like. (Examples show as following images)图片1图片2图片3

For client who is not familiar with our glue technique, they might think we glue products like the way we glue split shoes or paper at home. And they might be concerning about the strength of the connection? Please don’t be, the chemical we are using is not the same as paper gluing and it could dissolve the material of plastic and the material plastic would be joint together afterwards just like a it will reform to be a whole part.

Or they might be concerning that there is going to be a step after the sticking? Please take no worry about that, we can have process of polish and paint on product after that to eliminate the trace left behind. The following images is showing the effect of polish and paint on a the product after we glue parts together. As where the red arrow pointed, there was trace of connecting and this is the effect of polishing and painting on it afterwards.图片4图片5

After all these years, We are experienced in assembling parts in various areas like electronic housing, robot, car parts, displays, showing stands and so on. Feel free to contact us and let us know if there is anything Ditai can help with.

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