Custom Large Plastic Hydroponics Plant Seedling Nursery Trays

Details About Custom Large Plastic Hydroponics Plant Seedling Nursery Trays

DITAI Factory Overview

Over the past 13 years, we have invested several million dollars in equipment for our 12,000 square meters manufacturing facility. This investment in equipment means that we can manufacture more custom parts, with higher quality results and in less time than the competition.

ditaiplastic vacuum forming
Extrusion forming machine
The high-quality materials can fabricate the high-quality products. Ditai Having a complete plastic sheet production line which helping to control the quality and cost better
Aluminum Mold CNC Machine
Two Mold Making Machine Here. The vacuum forming mold will be produced by ourselves to keep high quality.
ABS HIPS PC HDPE Plastic molding vacuum forming aluminium molding (3)(1)
Ditai Mold Room
if you choose us for making the mold. It will have warranty service forever!
Vacuum Forming Machine
There are with 16 sets vacuum forming machine in our factory. To make sure delivery time for you is in time!
Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine
This vacuum forming is controlled by computer! High efficiency! Suitable for making big orders!
CNC Machine
There are 12 sets of 180 degrees CNC machines in our factory. The work capacity each day is around 500pcs!
360Degree/5Axis CNC machine
We have 18 sets of 360 degrees CNC machines, they can work for any degree CNC Job!
Dust Free Work Shop
For producing PETG, PC and some transparent products. It can make the transparent product more beautiful!
Rotary Factory
We have other factory which is specialized in producing rotational products.


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