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Custom Vacuum Formed Car Front Bumpers

Upgrade your vehicle’s aesthetics and performance with DitaiPlastic’s Custom Vacuum Formed ABS Car Front Bumpers. Tailored for perfection, our bumpers offer enhanced durability, superior protection, and improved aerodynamics, ensuring your vehicle stands out for the right reasons. Designed to meet the exact needs of automotive manufacturers and custom car builders, our eco-friendly and lightweight bumpers are the ideal choice for those seeking premium, custom-fit automotive body parts. Explore our B2B offerings for exclusive, high-quality vehicle customization solutions.

Please notice that we do not sell the product on the website directly. We just wanna prove that we can produce such kind of products.
If you have similar design or design ideas, welcome contact our sales directly.

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Details About Custom Vacuum Formed Car Front Bumpers

Introducing the Custom Vacuum Formed Car Front Bumper – the forefront of automotive innovation and design. Engineered for aesthetics, durability, and performance, our custom front bumpers are crafted from high-grade ABS plastic, offering an unparalleled combination of strength and flexibility to meet the rigorous demands of the automotive industry.

Material Excellence: Made with premium Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), our car front bumpers are designed for resilience. Infused with properties that withstand UV rays, impacts, and weather elements, these bumpers maintain their integrity and appearance over time, ensuring your vehicles look and perform their best.

Customized Design: Leveraging advanced vacuum forming technology, DitaiPlastic offers fully customizable bumper designs that cater to the unique specifications and styling preferences of automotive manufacturers and custom car builders. From sleek and aerodynamic to rugged and impact-resistant, our design team works closely with you to create bumpers that enhance vehicle aesthetics and functionality.

Enhanced Performance: Beyond aesthetics, our custom front bumpers are engineered to improve vehicle aerodynamics, contributing to better fuel efficiency and driving stability. The lightweight nature of ABS material also aids in reducing overall vehicle weight, further enhancing performance.

Durability and Protection: Designed to absorb and distribute impact, our bumpers offer superior protection to the vehicle’s front end, minimizing damage during low-speed collisions and enhancing passenger safety.

Easy Installation: Our custom bumpers are designed for a seamless fit, ensuring easy installation with minimal adjustments. Compatible with a wide range of vehicle models, these bumpers integrate effortlessly with existing mounting points, reducing installation time and costs.


  • High-quality ABS construction for durability and impact resistance
  • UV, weather, and chemical resistant finishes
  • Fully customizable to fit any vehicle model and design preference
  • Aerodynamically designed for improved vehicle performance
  • Easy to install with a perfect fitment guarantee
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable material

Elevate Your Vehicle’s Front End:

Transform the look and performance of your vehicles with our custom vacuum formed car front bumpers. Contact DitaiPlastic today to explore customization options and elevate your automotive projects with our cutting-edge design and manufacturing capabilities.

what kind of material we can use for the thermoforming or vacuum forming process?

1. ABS: The most used material, Lightweight, Good impact strength, Poor solvent resistance Hard,
rigid, very good impact strength & weather resistance, medium-cost Electrical Enclosures, Luggage,
Sanitary & Vehicle Parts.


2. HIPS, PS, Flammable, cheaper than ABS, usually used on display products.

3.Acrylic=PMMA Flexibility unavailable, high strength but brittle Baths, Domes, Light Diffusers, Roof
Lights Sanitary Ware and Signs…

4.Polycarbonate=PC Low flammability, High impact strength, High processing temperatures
required, Aircraft trim, Light diffusers, Machine Guards, Riot Shields, Signs, Skylights, and Visors.

5. PETG High impact resistant, Suitable for food contact, Easily scratched.

6. HDPE Flexible, good impact strength, low-cost Caravan Parts, Custom Plastic Enclosures, Housings & Vehicle

DitaiPlastic Vacuum Forming Factory

ditaiplastic vacuum forming

DITAI has ISO 9001, ISO45001, ISO14001 certification, and owns the vacuum forming invention patents, some of our patents: A method of vacuum forming, A kind of thermoplastic forming machine, A perforating machine for vacuumformed output, A type of TV back cover, A kind of bottom plate opening structure of car roof, A kind of upper plate opening structure of car roof,A kind of double roof structure of car roof,A kind of double blocking curtain structure for car roof, A kind of roof outdoor canopy lifting structure, etc. There are many more patents and certificates that are not covered here. Also, we have always maintained the enthusiasm to study new technologies and new methods, in order to make our vacuum forming manufacturing cost lower and more efficient, In the last few years, we passed the audit of LV, Guerlain, Wistron, KTC, Hisense, and so on, we also got an honor plaque from the anniversary of China 70th through the cartridge boxes we made. 

Contact information: Mail: WhatsApp: +86 13825780422
ditaiplastic vacuum forming
Extrusion Sheets
ditaiplastic vacuum forming
Vacuum Forming
ditaiplastic vacuum forming
CNC Cutting

Vacuum Forming Main Steps

1. Customer provides the 3D drawings or product samples.

Vacuum forming is one of the common methods of processing plastic materials. From the beginning, we prefer you provide us with the 3D drawings or samples of your products. STP, STEP, or IGS are the first choices. Of course, DITAI has a professional designer and engineer, if you wish, we can help you create or completer your design or ideas.

2. Giving you suggestions and related quotations.

According to different applications of the products. The material we matched for you during vacuum forming is also different. That is great if you have your own choice of raw material, or we can match the most suitable raw material for your reference. Here is the introduction of the different plastic raw materials. Once we get your drawings, we will evaluate this and give your our best suggestion and quotation.

3. Mold Production.

The material for the mold is usually Aluminium. Because this kind of mold is very durable and can be used for a long time. Of course for some special situations, customers will choose the wood mold for making the products. But the wood mold is not what we suggest you do it. To ensure the product’s quality is superior. We have to produce a perfect mold first. Therefore DITAI has its own mold-making machines and owns mold engineers who have own 20 years of experience in vacuum forming technology. This makes us can control the mold cost, delivery time, and quality in a very good condition. 

Also for the mold, DITAI will have a warranty service for you. Once the mold is broken or can not use here. DITAI will make a new mold for you freely.

ditaiplastic vacuum forming
ditaiplastic vacuum forming
ditaiplastic vacuum forming

4. Raw material extrusion.

Also, a good quality raw material sheet will influence the product’s quality too. The raw material sheet production is through machine extrusion. Then the vacuum forming sheet will have a good performance, the impact strength is very good. Some raw material sheets can be used at lower temperatures. For now, DITAI also establishes a raw material sheet production line. And our target is to have 3 production raw material lines, then we can produce all the raw materials by ourselves and can control the quality of the raw material at the beginning. 

The raw material sheet size, glossy level, thickness, color, etc can be controlled here. So is the cost.

5. Vacuum forming Production Steps.

● The vacuum-forming aluminum mold is installed in the vacuum forming machine, then our worker will heat the mold to a suitable temperature.

● After the mold is ready, we will put the raw material sheet or roll it on the vacuum forming machine table.

● Then we will use the heater for the vacuum forming and heat the raw material into good condition and suitable for vacuum forming.

● Once the raw material is ready, the vacuum forming machine will push the mold and make the mold touch the raw material until it totally covers it. 

● When the raw material touches the mold completely, the machine will vacuum forming the mold at the backside. And the air between the mold and plastic is evacuated. This makes the raw material touch the mold perfectly.

● Finally, we will use an air cooling machine on the vacuum forming to cool the raw material, then separate the finished plastic product and the mold. Once everything is ready, our worker will take the product out of the machine. The vacuum forming process is done.

For now, DITAI has 14 sets of vacuum forming machines, one machine is the full automatic vacuum forming machine. These machines are suitable for producing different sizes of customized plastic products. The biggest plastic size we can produce is 4000x2000x1000 for now this is the biggest vacuum forming machine in Dongguan and our CEO designer and DITAI create this machine. Based on our workers’ over 10 years of experience in vacuum forming technology, The temperature and delivery time can be controlled strictly here.

6. CNC Production.

After vacuum forming. All products are semi-finished products. We will need to use CNC machines to cut the extra plastic material on the vacuum forming parts. The CNC machines can be divided into 3 axes CNC machines and 5 axes CNC machines. These machines are used for cutting different shapes of plastic products. Usually, some complicated plastic parts need to use 5 axes CNC machines to do the treatment. The features of 5 axes CNC machine can cut the plastic parts at any angle or location. Also, the size accuracy and working efficiency are very good. 

7. Polish, Burring on the finished products.

To offer you the perfect products, we have well-trained workers in quality testing and burning.

The average working experience from them is around 5 years. Usually, all products need this treatment to ensure the product when the customer receives is in very good condition.

8. Extra treatment: gluing, painting, and silk-screen.

Some products also need glue, paint, or silk-screen treatment. These can improve the whole product’s beauty and appearance. and DITAI also has a related department for this treatment.

9. Quality testing.

Once the products are finished, we have well-trained engineers or our sales will test the product’s size, color, and whole quality to ensure the product’s quality arrives at our customer’s hand satisfying.

10. Package and delivery.

According to the different product requests, we will match different packages for these. Like carton boxes, wood boxes, pallets, etc…If you wish, we also can arrange the shipment for you to save time for this order.

ditaiplastic vacuum forming
ditaiplastic vacuum forming
ditaiplastic vacuum forming

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