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How Does A Flat Sheet Become A 3d-Shaped Product Or How Vacuum Forming Process Work?

Design—Mold—Material—Forming—CNC—Glue/Assembly—Painting/SilkScreen—Finished Products

Housing Part

The product in the picture is the pioneering mobile intelligent miniature building in China, this cabin applies the customized Ditai vacuum forming plastic housing with strong plasticity and light weight etc. outstanding advantages, which provides the practical feasibility for the bulk shipment and immediate implementation of cabin. Currently has been applied in Sichuan Panda Forest Park and Zhangjiakou etc. scenic areas.

Housing Decoration
Go Kart Children

Since 2014, we have been in close collaboration and cooperation with Actev Motors Inc. (, a Silicon-Valley based global leader of all-electric Smart Kart for children. The Arrow Smart Kart has won top award in New Year Toy Fair. Ditai has been instrumental in providing some of the most important accessories for Actev, and since became a trustworthy partner for Actev’s leadership in the next generation of smart go-kart .

Go Kart Part
Car Shell Part

These two products are civil tricycle and golf cart which is main exported to Asia, Ditai provides the comprehensive housing design recommendations and manufactures the housing of car body. We have kept the collaboration since 2013 until now, the high-quality products of Ditai have promoted the mutual long-term and stable collaboration relationship. These types of cars will be expanded the production in the next few years, it is believed that Ditai will have the collaboration and development for more types of cars with these kind of companies in the future.

Car Housing Part
Car Housing Decoration

On and off in just minutes, each Rhinohide panel is custom moulded from rugged ABS plastic to seamlessly fit your car. Everything attaches with ultra-strong magnets covered in silicone bumpers, maintaining a small air gap between the car and Rhinohide to further protect your paintwork and absorb larger impacts without fear of damage.

Car Shell Decoration

Features Of Vacuum Forming and thermforming

The main advantages of vacuum forming is, save mold and prototype time, quick delivery, shory development cycle,and low development cost. ease of management, saves manpower, improves efficiency,Small Moq and so on

Go Cart
Customized Abs Plastic Sheet
Abs Hips Pc Hdpe Plastic Molding Vacuum Forming Aluminium Molding
Tv Vacuum Forming
Vacuum Thermoforming Boat
Plastic Vacuum Thermoforming
Cnc Shell
Housing Cnc Cutting
Cnc Cutting 1
Sample Room

With regard to customized plastic products, if you think that injection molding is the only solution, after looking at our vacuum thermoforming process, you will find that there are faster, more economical and faster ways to achieve it.

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