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Thick Sheet Thermoforming Applications In Passenger Cars

With the development of transport networks, growing demand for passenger cars, and passenger car safety, comfort requirements is also rising. Interior appearance, luxurious luxury passenger cars have become one of the important symbols.

Interior decoration mainly refers to the plastic parts, injection moulding technology, plastic, blow molding, extrusion, and so on.

Injection molding production efficiency is high, forming of high precision and complex parts, tooling cost, product updates slower, part size Molding Machine specification limits, therefore, injection is mainly used in passenger cars dashboard, air conditioning outlet and requires accurate coordination of complex parts, such as replacement parts.

Custom design of plastic part car cover shell by vacuum forming

Thermoforming mould cost little, suitable for large size parts production, product for the replacement, but accuracy is not high, the production efficiency is low. Since coach interior is dominated by large panels, accuracy is not high, and own production of passenger cars is not high, about a car hundreds of sets, and often employed for the internal configuration of the various requirements of customers, part size and appearance were more or less changed, blister technology in passenger car interior parts with more. Blow molding, extrusion molding plastic parts are production-specific requirements, less scope in the field of passenger car interior.


Plastic molding process can be divided into sheet plastic and soft skin blister in two ways. Plastic material is used in acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) plates, a small number of parts using plexiglass (PMMA) sheet. Passenger cab left side of plate, top plate, rear panel and electrical box cover and cover are ABS sheet metal forming. 

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