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Click Now: How Many Types Of Molds Are Available For Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming, so called as “Thermoforming” as well, it is one method of plastic processing and forming. Mold is needed for plastic processing and forming. Due to different requirements and specs in different areas, there are different choices of materials of molds in the market shows below.

Solid aluminium/aluminium block:

Comparatively, by using solid aluminium mold, the surface of plastic product will be more smooth and flat. Not only that, since aluminum block is more controllable during CNC machining and it is easier to be polished afterwards, the dimensional accuracy of product will be more precise. Besides that, the product requires transparency can be satisfied by aluminum block.

Wood mold:

The cost of wood mold is relatively lower. Because wood will be easy to crack due to the high temperature and desiccation, wood mold can’t produce substantial quantity of product with the short service life. And it is not suitable for product with complex structure and deep cavity.

Plaster mold with copper-plating surface:

Literally, after plaster mold is done, the surface of plaster mold will be process with copper plating. Although the cost of this kind of mold is relatively lower, the service life is short, hard for stocking and the dimensional accuracy of product will be relatively low too.(The copper elements on the surface will be easily scratched down by accident or the friction between product during production)

Casting aluminium:

This kind of aluminium mold is the most popular mold in vacuum forming technology. Because the cost of it is not only economic, but also the working life of it is very long. Also in DITAI company, once you order us such mold and let us arrange the production for these, we will give you the warranty service of this. During our cooperation, if the mold is broken or can not use in here, we will make a new one for you freely. But comparing with aluminium block mold, the product’s surface which touch this casting aluminium mold is not good as Aluminium block mold. But usually that kind of surface will be hidden, therefore the customers sometimes do not care about it a lot. Regarding the cost of this kind of mold, for example, same products, if you make a mold injection mold for it, the cost of this mold should be 10times than you make the vacuum forming aluminium mold.

fiber glass mold:

Fiber glass mold is worse than casting aluminium mold and our factory rarely produce such kind of this mold. Because the delivery time of this mold is 8-10 longer than aluminium mold, and the performance of this mold is not good than aluminium mold. Also the cost of it is almost the same as aluminium mold. But the quality the working life is worse than it. That’s why this kind of mold is not our suggestion. Just in case, some customers produced this mold before, and they wanna we use this mold for production, then we will support them and use this mold for production. But this mold do not have the warranty service in here. According to this, aluminium mold is the best option during our vacuum forming production.

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