DitaiPlastic is a experienced Plastic Fabricator In China, We can provide you the specific plastics for specific applications, As we know, Plastic can be widely used in the industrial field, some industrial products need cold resistance, some need fire resistance, like the TV back cover, it usually need V0 level material, so we are here for free consultation if you have any questions.


This is a charging post that goes with the company’s cleaning machine and robot. The entire housing was done by Ditaiplastic, and in fact, the housing of the matching cleaning machine and robot was also made by us at Ditaiplastic. The charging post shell is divided into two parts for vacuum forming, after the vacuum forming and CNC cutting, the painting, assembling, gluing, and silk-screening processed are also done. This charging post is now widely used in the market!

With the development of the times, cars are also becoming more and more popular, and with that comes the test of the car production industry. In fact, many companies that produce cars now use a lot of machinery instead of manual production. The combination of robotic arms and conveyor belts makes it necessary to have a large number of transport pallets, mainly for the transport of new energy vehicle batteries, which are usually required to do anti-static treatment.


Ditai has undertaken many TV back case projects, in the early days of our business, Skyworth TV cooperated with us because they urgently needed to reduce the development cost and shorten the cycle time of development of new series, and Mr. Zou Dehong proposed a solution and provided all services that met Skyworth’s expectations, which was the first time a vacuum forming process was used for TV fields. Tips, these products need to add V0 flame retardant particles in the raw materials.

Some Suggestion About Industrial Products

Most of the plastic products used in the industry are equipment shells or transportation trays. Such as the shells of various machines and the back cover of televisions that have been heavily used in the vacuum forming process, some shell products require the material itself to be flame retardant so that it can be connected to the power supply, so we will add V0 level materials, i.e. fire-resistance materials, in the process of producing sheets. Like the freight trays used for electronic transportation, we will add anti-static materials to achieve anti-static effects.


Vacuum Forming Machine Cover

Main Materials Used:

  • ABS
  • V0
  • PMMA


ditaiplastic vacuum forming

Custom TV Back Cover

Main Materials Used:

  • ABS
  • V0

Heavy-duty Machinery Components

Main Materials Used:

  • ABS
  • ASA

Plastic Machine Cover

Main Materials Used:

  • ABS
  • PC

Here are some industrial products which we have made before, Kindly check them for your reference.

Bus Or Public Equipment Plastic Chair
Transparents Drawer And Cabinet Fittings
Transparents Drawer And Cabinet Fittings
Custom Thermoforming Machine Panels
Plastic Fire Extinguisher Stands
Planting Container/Planting Divider
Custom Vacuum Forming TV Back Cover
Custom Vacuum Forming TV Back Cover
Custom Vacuum Forming TV Back Cover
Custom Vacuum Forming TV Back Cover
ditaiplastic vacuum forming
Custom Vacuum Forming TV Back Cover
Custom Vacuum Forming TV Back Cover
Custom Vacuum Forming TV Back Cover
Custom Vacuum Forming TV Back Cover
Custom Heavy-duty Machine Cover
Plastic Control Center Panel Cover
Vacuum Forming Plastic Parts Assemblies
Pulic Bus Plastic Handrail Shell
Custom Pulic Equipment Handrail Shell
Gambling Machine Are Decorated With Cooling Shell
Custom Thermoforming Plastic Floor Matting
Machine Shell Interior Needs Gluing
Toilet Plastic Parts Needs Assemblies
Custom Vacuum Forming TV Back Cover
Macau Casino 3D Wall Decoration
Gambling And Arcade Machine Internals

Why Choose DitaiPlastic

DitaiPlastic since 1997, is one of the largest vacuum forming/thermoforming processing factories in China! Up to now, we have a factory covering 12,000 square meters with over 60 processing machines. Also we have over 80 employees, 6 engineers, lots of experienced people!

Talented And Pro

Professional and experienced thermoforming experts provide you with design advice to ensure that you get a perfect product

Proper Price

We provide low-price plastic product service. All the processing you might need, we can solve them all in-house!

Free Design

We have six professional engineers, one of them has more than 20 years of experience in vacuum forming field, to meet all needs of drawings

One-Stop Service

from design to material selection, to the final assembly and distribution of finished products, we can help you get it done

Quality Check

Keep all processes in house can make sure we can control all elements of your project, it means we can control the quality, raw material composition,timing

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