With the many new concepts within leisure projects,like surf board, it is not suitable for injection process, it is too big and cost much to build a injection mold, so vacuum forming process is best opinion for this kind of project.

Looking back at the history of the development of surfboards, in fact as early as the beginning was made of wood as the raw material. Today, the raw material has been replaced with plastic, which has a higher safety performance and is more weight-bearing. Making a surfboard requires careful and precise operation, especially the bonding, after the blistering and painting.

Housing Decoration

The product in the picture is the pioneering mobile intelligent miniature building in China, this cabin applies the customized Ditai vacuum forming plastic housing with strong plasticity and lightweight, etc. outstanding advantages, which provides the practical feasibility for the bulk shipment and immediate implementation of the cabin. Currently has been applied in Sichuan Panda Forest Park and Zhangjiakou etc. scenic areas.

Some Suggestion About Leisure Products

We have done a very variety of plastic parts for recreation, different products will have different recommendations, such as surfboards need to be used in outdoor water, sealing is very important for safety, the same the spray paint will use PU paint; such as mask products, the need to use silkscreen or spray paint process, as well as gluing, is also needed, sometimes need to do the anti-fogging treatment.

Here is some leisure project which we have made before, Kindly check it for your reference.

Vacuum Forming Clear Canoe
Gaming And Casino Machines
Custom Thermoforming Mask
Outdoor Leisure Chair
ditaiplastic vacuum forming
Plastic Finger Surfboard
thermoforming purple Rotating display stand
Vacuum Forming Plastic PurpleRoulette
Surfboard/Surfing Board/Stand Up Board
ditaiplastic vacuum forming
Vacuum Forming Transparent PC/PMMA Kayak
Plastic Electric Scooter Wheel Cover
Vacuum Forming Clear Fish Tank
Custom Thermoforming Mask
Custom Thermoforming Mask
Custom Thermoforming Mask
Custom Thermoforming Mask
Custom Thermoforming Mask

Why Choose Ditaiplastic

DitaiPlastic since 1997, is one of the largest vacuum forming/thermoforming processing factories in China! Up to now, we have a factory covering 12,000 square meters with over 60 processing machines. Also we have over 80 employees, 6 engineers, lots of experienced people!

Talented And Pro

Professional and experienced thermoforming experts provide you with design advice to ensure that you get a perfect product

Proper Price

We provide low-price plastic product service. All the processing you might need, we can solve them all in-house!

Free Design

We have six professional engineers, one of them has more than 20 years of experience in vacuum forming field, to meet all needs of drawings

One-Stop Service

from design to material selection, to the final assembly and distribution of finished products, we can help you get it done

Quality Check

Keep all processes in house can make sure we can control all elements of your project, it means we can control the quality, raw material

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