Thermoforming Process

Ditai has 16 sets of large plastic vacuum forming machines, the maximum forming dimension can reach 4000*2000, which is currentky the largest plastic vacuum forming in Guangdong. The largest vacuum Forming machines is designed by the General Manager of Ditai Mr. Zou Dehong.

A Brief Introduction

        Thermoforming is a process that turn the plastic sheet which heated and softed into 3D shape product. As a matter of fact, there are two general ways of thermoforming, positive molding and negative molding.  Which approach is taken depends on which side of the product is the assembly side and which side is the appearance side. Because the side that touches the mold tends to have more precise dimensional control. In addition, if your product has a comparatively large height/depth, you may need an assistant mold, we call it “top press molding” to help better stretching of sheets.

Positive Molding/Male Molding Vacuum Forming

Positive molding is also male molding, usually used for products in which the outside surface is appearance side, and the shape is raised, Such as drone housing, surfing board, car bumper, Plastic dome, TV or Screen back covers, and so on, here is some vacuum forming positive mold products which we made before for your reference
positive mold
Car Housing Part

Negative Molding/Female Molding Vacuum Forming

Negative molding also is female molding vacuum forming, usually used for products in which the Inner surface is the appearance side, And the outside is the assembly side, The shape of this kind of product usually is concave, Such as tub, automotive interior parts, mold texture product, golf car roof, and trays for the farm.

ditaiplastic vacuum forming

Alignment Silk Screen Vacuum Forming

Alignment silk screen vacuum forming is the vacuum forming with the printing sheet, then adjusting the position to get the print to match the mold, for example, the printing logo, match the molded logo, to get a perfect effect on the product. here are some pictures for your reference.

ditaiplastic vacuum forming
ditaiplastic vacuum forming

Top Press Molding Vacuum Forming

Firstly, let me introduce what situation will need the top press molding, when the height of the product is particularly high, or deep depression, we will need the top plug to help the material stretch to get a relatively uniform thickness. here is some

top press plug molding which we have made before for your reference:

Slide Block Molding Vacuum Forming

When we make the designs, some of the projects are complicated, so we will need the slider to help the product release the mold, below is the picture and video to show you how it is work.

Bulge Technology In Vacuum Forming

There are some products that require bulge technology. It is used in some products with more than one side or right-angle side or products with a small draft angle, its purpose is to reduce the shrinking marks caused by the violent shrinkage of the material, or to solve the problem of the thickness deviation of the product at different positions due to the stacking of the material, the thickness can be more uniform.

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