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What Kind Of Defects The Blister Product Have And How To Solve It?

Blister products have applications in many aspects. What are the general conditions for the quality of plastic products?

1.Pulling line: Some undesired line protrusions (not found in the mold) produced during the production of plastic molding, need to re-modify the mold (reduced height and increase the degree of smoothness) and add additional pressure mold (we call it the upper mold) To solve. When the cable is too large, it is regarded as a defective product and cannot be used for high-grade blister packaging. However, in the area of component rotating trays, as long as the cable is arranged neatly and does not affect the function, it should be regarded as a qualified product. Pull lines are also called: La Qiu, cramps and so on.

2.Scratches: Scratch marks on the transparent plastic blister, especially if the marks are too long or too large, the blister becomes defective and cannot be used for high-grade packaging.

3.Crystal point: In the production process of plastic sheets, due to the fine dust in the air, it is dropped on the heated plastic material, resulting in a transparent flaw, especially in the production of transparent plastic sheets. If it is too large or too much, it is considered defective.

4.Bubbles: In the production process of plastic sheet, the heated plastic material contains air, so that the produced finished product sheet has air bubbles, especially in the production process of transparent plastic sheet, the bubbles are too large, Too much is considered defective.

5.Water ripple: In the production process of plastic sheets, due to different materials and processing techniques, the finished product sheet surface has surface ripples, especially in the transparent plastic sheet production process. If it is too much, it is considered inferior. In general, the thicker the sheet, the more pronounced the water ripples. Qualified PET materials have few water ripples, but most PVCs have water ripples.

For different plastic products, there will be different problems, such as the card folded blister, the main problem is the back of the fold is not good, will be up. The main problem with folding boxes is that they are not in place, not buckled, etc.

Ditai company knows these defects in the blister products. So we will know how to avoid these things happen after making mold!

What are the benefits of thermoforming? Thermoforming is efficient and very cost-effective for the production of many plastic parts depending on the part size, shape, and quantity. Up-front costs are usually much lower, and lead times to tooling and production are generally much shorter than other processes such as injection molding. Temporary tooling offers an inexpensive short-term test for design issues and product market acceptance.

Plastic Tray
Vacuum Forming Plastic Products

What do you make molds from? Production molds are typically cast or machined from aluminum. Deeper molds are usually cast, while shallower molds may be machined directly from a block of aluminum. Aluminum molds can be temperature controlled, which allows tight tolerances, better detail, and shorter cycle times (which translates into a lower cost part).

vacuum forming mold
vacuum forming mold

When thermoforming a part, why can only one side be controlled? The mold defines the shape of the plastic, and tolerances can be controlled on the side of the plastic that contacts the mold. The opposite side, away from the mold, is predictable, but not controlled because the plastic will stretch around the mold and produce varying thicknesses. There are a number of techniques that we use to minimize this effect when it’s important.

What do you need from me to make a part? We’ve started from a drawing on a UG, If you have a concept or Sample, then we can create a design, including CAD models, renderings, and detailed drawings. If, on the other hand, you already have a CAD (igs or stp)model or design, we can start from that and create molds and another tooling that will allow us to make the finished product. Our services include everything from design to prototypes to production, and we can do as much or as little as you need us to do.

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