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Whole process of VCUUM FORMING plastic products

In the articles of the previous few weeks, we learned about some classifications and various manufacturing processes of plastic products in the market, and our company- Dongguan Ditai Plastic Company is one of large-scale thermoformed plastic products production company, we can provide design advice, design service, and vacuum forming plastic product production service, packaging in the integrated service of plastic products. Now, please let me introduce how we the vacuum forming plastic product is made~


In the current market, almost all plastic products require 3D design drawings, including blow molded products, rotomolded products, injection molded products, and we need the 3d drawing to make the mold and CNC process, so if there is without 3D drawing, plastic product can’t be made. The best format of 3D drawing for us is STEP/STP/DWG. And if you don’t have any drawing or your product just in the early stages of development, we can also provide design service, you can send me a sample or a drawing manuscript/draft, we can make the 3D drawing through scanning or build a 3D drawing for you.


Mold making-

After confirm the 3d drawing, we will convert the 3d drawings of your plastic product into mold drawings for mold production. And we will use our CNC mould making machine produce the aluminum mold. If your 3D drawing need to improve, our professional will help you alter it and send to you approval. Different products have different requirements for molds-ordinary plastic products require normal molds, and transparent plastic products require solid molds and the surface needs to be polished. All of our current molds are made of aluminum materials, and aluminum molds have a longer lifespan. More economical. Aluminum materials are more suitable for use in high temperature environments.图片3

Vacuum forming process-

After finishing the mold, we will come to the most important process, which is thermoforming. The pre-prepared material sheet will be heated and softened in the thermoforming machine at high temperature, the mold will also be installed on the chassis and some preliminary work will be performed. We need to go through several rounds of temperature debugging to meet the temperature requirements. Generally speaking, different materials have different temperature requirements and different heating times. During the debugging process, we will find some mold surface problems. Adjust the mold on site until the perfect product is made.图片4

CNC cutting-

After the product is thermoformed, the shape of the product has been determined, but there is still some excess material around the product that needs to be removed. At this time, it needs to enter the next process -CNC (Computer Numerical Control). The product will be processed according to the 3d drawing, the excess material will be removed, and the drilling of the product will be completed in this step according to the 3D drawing.图片3

Deburring and packaging-

Finally, we will enter the last link of the product. After our products are processed by CNC, the edges and corners are quite sharp, which may scratch your hands. For the beauty and safety of the product, we will trim the product, also called deburring, to make the product more beautiful and tidy. In this process, we will stick stickers, punch holes, glue, assemble, etc. to the products according to customer requirements. We will try our best to meet customer requirements for everything that can be handled manually.图片6

The above is an introduction to the entire vacuum forming process and also an introduction to our production process. If you have a project related to thermoforming process, you can contact me at any time, I believe we can give the most professional opinions and plans to realize your wild ideas :).

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